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Hello Everyone!

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I've looked around the site a few times and I'm just now making an account. I'm here to be around other like-minded people and I look forward to being part of this community. Other interests: watching Sci-Fi movies, coin collecting, skiing and playing the saxophone (although you could probably figure out the last without me telling you :smile:).

Thanks for taking the time reading this,
~Sax Player
Hi Sax Player.

Recently joined myself and enjoying talking to others. Interesting to come across someone else whose into coin collecting. Do you collect any in particular? I'm into collecting the €2 special edition coins from across the eurozone.

In terms of joining the site, do you classify yourself in any way? ABDL, just DL or any other way?

Welcome anyway :)
No fooling, I'm a coin collector too, welcome to adisc.
Hello saxplayer and welcome to the group.

I too am a coin collector.

I would like to invite you and everyone that has posted here to join the World of Coin Collection Group, that I started about 6 months ago.

Again welcome to the group.

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