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Hello Everyone :-) Friendly greetings to the forum

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Hi everyone.

Finally sitting down and taking a moment to say hi here. Forgive my slowness to do so. Though I like to think I can be outgoing and very social, I am still pretty shy and looking for my comfort zone when it comes to abdl and that part of myself.

Found this wonderful community one night when I was sitting down to learn more about this part of me. Ever since, I find I deeply enjoy and love hearing everything everyone here has to say and offer.

Your openness, kindness and gentleness truly offers great comfort to people that still are seeking understanding and wish to learn.

I deeply appreciate the privilege it is to follow everyone here and thank each and everyone of you for sharing this side of yourselves with me and everyone here.

In an effort to keep this short and not go on and on, I work for a nuclear energy company as an IT specialist as well as I have an art background and use to be an Animator when I was younger.

I'm here; as I say; to learn more about abdl and all aspects of this community. I want to be able to be a greater supporter to my boyfriend & other friends in my life who share this side of themselves with me.

I'm very friendly, open and welcome those who wish to say hi or talk. Forgive any delays in replies though.

One thing I've found since starting to follow the forums is replying or attempting to post through third-party software on my phone tends to fail miserably and I need to login through a Web browser to be able to do so.

Figures that the IT guy is the one that has trouble posting *laughs* XD Take about embarrassing! That said, you have my word I will get back to anyone that contacts me as soon as I humanly can!

Hope this intro is okay and look forward to continuing learning and growing along with all of you.
Hi, I am new here too.
Hey, nice intro. And you're most welcome I'm sure. I look forward to your contributions.
Hi Kittygirl556879 :) Pleasure to hear from you and hope you find your time on this site to be as enjoyable as I have found it to be. Thanks for say hi!

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Hi Ozbub! Thanks for stopping and welcoming me. Truly appreciated and I'll do my best to contribute. I'm very grateful for everyone here sharing everything they do and look forward to hearing from you in the future sweetheart. :)
your welcome
Hi Vincent! What a nice intro, and cute profile pic too. So, it sounds like you are still trying to figure out this ABDL stuff. How long have you had this interest? And, what - if anything - have you tried?

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