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Hello, DL in CO here

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I just joined this forum and I guess I need to introduce myself. I'm a 42 yo DL living in Colorado. This is how I got my diaper fetish: I can remember being a toddler and using my diaper and how good the feeling of relief was, and how interesting the sensation of peeing and pooping was. I also remember having the thick cloth diapers under plastic pants being so comforting. When my mom potty trained me at 3 yo I went along with it because it obviosuly pleased her. But, I missed the attention I got from diaper changes, and the convenience of going to the bathroom wearever I happened to be. When my younger siblings were born, I began to get pretty jealose of their diapers. My mom stated using disposables on them, and I used to lay in bed imagining how big those diapers would have to be to fit me. When I was 11, I stole one of my little sisters diapers while I was alone in the house. It didn't fit, but I put it in my underwear. From then on I was hooked, and when I moved out I bought the first depends and attends that were being sold in drug stores then. They were terrrible in comparison to modern adult diapers, but I was in heaven! Today I like both disp. and cloth and I really like molicares and abena, but I usually have to settle for the walgreens(prevail diapers without the inner leak barriers). I haven't met another diaper wearer yet because I'm too freaking shy, but I hope to change that soon.

my avatar sucks I know, I could't find one small enough right away.

no criticism of the site was meant!
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Welcome to the forums, tsiongi!:smile: Lots of DLs here to converse with. Thanks for the introduction telling a bit about yourself. There's a few of us 40 to 50 year olds here, though I'm not a DL myself. Post around so everyone can get to know you.



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Welcome. Although you are older then me, I am older than the average here, so it's nice to meet other folks "our age" :rolleyes:. Wow, so you really can remember being a toddler? Good for you, wish I could. My favorites, at the moment, are Abena X-Plus, and Tranquility ATNs. Anyway, stick around and talk to us.

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