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My name is Matty. I wear diapers all the time because im incontinent. Besides diapers I like horses and dogs. Several times a week I go and clean up the horse manure from the stalls at a local farm. I enjoy movies. I have a brother who sags his pants. Any others here who are young and incontinent?

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I meant ADISC.
Hello matty444 and welcome to the group.
matty444 said:

Hi and welcome. As you can probably tell by my screen name, I love dogs. My wife and I have a golden retriever. I'm actually highly allergic to horses, but they're a beautiful animal.
Good Evening,
I myself am incontinent 24/7.
I have Autism and Cerebral Palsy.
No, I am not young.
I am I suppose old enough to be your father.
My interests:
Volunteer video program producer for the Derry, NH CTV Channel.
On the Board of Directors of www.aspergerworks.org.
Member of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Member of the Massachusetts Chapter of ADAPT.
Tinkering with Electronics, my former career.
Not much else to say...

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I meant ADISC.[/QUOTE]
I love farms. And welcome to the site. I help out on a sheep farm near my mom's house. Quite a lot of fun. I've worked on other farms as well. They where all horse farms. they are all a lot of fun. Do you enjoy the farm?
Yeah I like the farm. Mostly I clean up after the horses and sometimes go riding. I have a few other responsibilities but that's about it.
I happen to be a former sagger.
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