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Hello all

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  1. Incontinent
Hello all, just recently found this forum and thought I would introduce myself.

First off, I would like to apologise for my spelling. I have dyslexia and spelling is one area I'm not good at.

I'm 32 yr old married male with 2 young children. I suffered with incontinence for many years now and continue to have tests to find out why. I wear all in one nappies (I hate the word pad, why not use the proper name for them) both during the day and night. One of my children is aware of my condition and doesn't really matter... Yet. My other child is too young to really notice.

I am aware of the abdl universe, after all I wear nappies that contain the word baby, fight aliens and have stars on them (another thing my son finds very funny.) I don't find it in any way disturbing or abnormal and wish everyone luck (if it makes people happy why not.)

The reason I wear nappies from abdl world is because manufacturers have now decided that paper backed nappies are the way to go, and I hate them, I much prefer plastic backed ones and those available in the abdl world are much more comfortable and absorbant than others. If anyone is interested I use www.nappiesrus.co.uk (admin I hope that's okay to post, I don't work for them I just use the products they supple.)

Well that you for reading.

Welcome to ADISC!

Your spelling is fine (better than some others).

I think you will find that most people on ADISC agree with you about calling nappies (or diapers) what they are instead of using other terms. You will also find that many people here also prefer plastic backed to cloth backed diapers although there are a significant number that do like cloth backed. Personally I prefer plastic backed.

Again welcome to the forums!
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