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Hello all

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  1. Little
Hi everyone,

I am brand new to the AB world and to this forum. Looking forward to reading, learning, and making online friends and both receiving and giving support.

How I got here...I am currently in recovery for 4 mental health diagnoses (depression, anxiety, PTSD and borderline personality disorder), all stemming back to multiple traumas and neglect, sexual and otherwise, in my growing-up years. I have always kept a soft spot for stuffed animals, dolls, toys, coloring, etc. and thoroughly enjoyed being able to revel in them with my own children (who are now two young adults and two teens, so nearly grown). Sometime in the last year, I watched the BBC documentary "The 15-stone Babies" and was just absolutely gobsmacked, fascinated and drawn in. The first time I saw the playroom that Kat built for herself I wept. I have since watched it probably 20 times, and realized that I have a little in me who very much needs to come out and explore as part of my healing process and my enjoyment of life.

At this point in time, I have no interest in diapers, just in being little...though that might change in the future as I see how far I need or want to regress.

My likes and personality as a little girl...I think I am 4 or 5 years old. Blue is my favorite color. I love all stuffed animals/plushies, especially sea creatures. I love Raggedy Ann, My Little Pony and Hello Kitty. I like to color with crayons and markers, go swimming, go to the zoo, and cuddle up in my jammies with my dolls and watch Pixar movies. :biggrin:

Blessings and light to all - looking forward to getting to know you.
Welcome sallieemma28! That was a fantastic intro! I see you have been quite busy in the forums already. Good for you! You sound like a very sincere and caring person. Blessings to you and enjoy your time here amongst friends!
Thank you so much zipperless. It is a relief to be among people who not only understand but encourage a 46yo woman sleeping with fleece blankies and a Raggedy Ann doll. :)
Hi Sallieemma, welcome. I hope you continue to explore and discover lots of enjoyable things about your own 'little space' It truly is a magical place to be for those destined for it. :hugs:
Welcome sallieemma,

Glad you found your way here, diapers or not. Sad that you've had so much to deal with, but hopefully this community will bring about some degree of peace in your life. There's this ongoing discussion regarding abdl portrayals on TV, but the fact that 15 Stone Baby sort of opened you up to the lifestyle is proof that there's a positive side to the TV exposure that is far more important then the negative aspects we're all concerned with.

Relax & enjoy some good company!
sallieemma28 said:
Thank you so much zipperless. It is a relief to be among people who not only understand but encourage a 46yo woman sleeping with fleece blankies and a Raggedy Ann doll. :)

Hi and welcome. I hope being borderline didn't create a lot of problems for you in raising a family. I had similar problems when I was in college but I got through it. This is a great support site and it looks like you already fit right in.
Thanks dogboy. Fortunately, my borderline traits didn't affect my children too much...I am what they call a "quiet borderline". Rather than having emotionally tempestuous relationships and volatile interactions with others, I kind of turn it all in on myself. That is one reason it went so long undetected and undiagnosed. In December of 2011 I had a breakdown and was hospitalized; scary at the time, but in retrospect one of the best things that ever happened to me as it started the road to recovery. I am on several medications and I see a most wonderful therapist once a week, he has literally saved my life, more than once. I am using DBT skills to help with my BPD symptoms and getting better all the time. Some weeks are one step forward, three steps back, but that's life, isn't it? :)
Welcome :)!! I have depression, too! Been diagnosed when I was 13 years old in fact, it runs in our family and I've learned to live with it. Good thing you got help and diagnosis n all, it can only get better now yeah <3

This is a nice place to hang around and chat. Have fun exploring your little side!
Welcome not all littles need to go into pampers there are some that dont do the diaper's.
On the other site I'm on you would be a middle little so you may be preschool age or up.
Its ok there not a right way or a wrong way to be a little we all are our own selves.
Like you my it's been hard fo a lot of us abuse all kinds.
Quite a few of us suffer from depression also .
Me being a little most of us have a very kind heart but that can set us up to be hurt in life some time's it's a jungle out there .
Dont worry women can some times get away with being little easyer then us guys .
I know of a few littles that are girls and are very cute one is 36years old and pull it off very well so no worries.

Welcome enjoy being here hands a plushie join the fun .
Hello and welcome!

Blue is a beautiful color, especially a bright deep blue. I love it

Being little is fun, diaper or not :D

This has been a great site, I just started myself a little over a week ago. I've learned that I've been holding it all in for so long, it just exploded out and now I'm happy again. This has been a very good place.

You said you love coloring, here's a website to help out with that http://www.coloring-book.info/coloring/ ... they have 100's of cartoon's with 1000's of pages that you can print out and color, all for free. Hope you enjoy it :)
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