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Hello All

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  1. Adult Baby
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I am a Daddy with a 3 year old Adult Baby. We are married and a couple of years ago, my wife gave me my greatest gift ever, herself, in all ways (as Daddy, HoH, in bed, etc).

We live in rural New England and seem totally isolated with our lifestyle. I recently found this site and thought it may be a good place to talk with other Daddys/ Mommys and other Adult Babys / Littles.

I intend on my Baby Doll posting and being most active on this site. I want Baby Doll to connect with other babies. I am excited to see my Baby be able to be 100% open as her wonderful 3 year old self ... even if it is only on this site.

Thank you and I am looking forward to reading many great conversations! Introducing my Baby Doll ....

Welcome to the site NorthernSugar! We are a support site for everyone. What other activities do you and your baby like to do?

Just a comment: This site requires everyone to have their own account. It almost sounds like you and your baby are sharing an account?
No my Daddy just set it all up for me. I did not know how.
Oh, OK. Welcome again! Do you have a favorite diaper?
i always wear the same ones now, bambino bellisimo...they are pretty and have bunnies and bears on them
A good choice!
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