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Hello All!

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  1. Diaper Lover
  2. Incontinent
Hello! I'm new to the site!
I've been living the lifestyle for a longtime now. I am a taxi driver, located in spain, Barcelona. Im soon te be retired, and im preparing my relocation to my born village at Galicia.

I wear 24/7 due to incontinence and a PC years ago. BAck then i found i love diapers. I used to love watersports and kink play so when i was told I needed to use them for a period I became addicted to them.
I am a big old guy, who is attracted to the same. I have a patner who loves to play and he loves my diapers as much as I do. We are also into pig/pup play and other stuff. Being a taxi driver allows me to wear without problems. My friends know I wear so there is no incovinient when I have a breakfast and a change.
I hope to hear stories from others and hopefully met someone on here, for just friendship.

BYe ! Hugs !
Welcome chubtaxi! We're glad you're here. I'm glad to see the PC is in remission. It's always nice to hear about an accepting partner, as well. It seems to be a rarity here. Since we're much more than diapers, what else do you like to do in your free time? I'm an avid reader, myself.
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