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Hello All

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I'm new here. Been a DL since I was very young, though I didn't really recognize my interest for what it was until I was in high school.

Bought my first pack of Goodnites soon after, and kept it a secret from the world for about 8-9 years. Every now and again I'd pick up another pack to slake my hunger, but it was very sporadic to keep my parents from finding out, as they don't much like 'different'.

Now I'm 25 and soon to be married, and just told my fiancé (been together for two years) about my 'secret'. After some discussion and some accommodation we have found an amicable solution, and I can wear so long as it isn't around her, and she doesn't really pry into this side of my life. Perhaps not a perfect solution, but I am at least happy knowing that she is slowly accepting this new side of me.

Currently waiting on some Tranquility fitted briefs and some ATN pull-ons to come in, I'm looking for something disposable that can give me a good bit of padding between the legs and tolerate a good wetting or two. I work at home so they can fit like a 'playtime' diaper, I don't have to wear anything over them.

I'm a CNC machinist by trade, and enjoy hobbies like RC planes, woodworking, Pokemon, and playing Minecraft from time to time.

Hope that wasn't too long-winded, would love to hear from some of you about your stories, your favorite brands, etc.

Nice to meet you all!

EDIT: Added some more stuff, since I didn't read the sticky before submitting the thread. Sorry :p


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Welcome PrivateBrowsing! That was a great introduction! It's very rare to see an accepting SO. You are a very fortunate guy! Browse the threads and join in the conversations!


Welcome. From your info, it seems like you're 'just a regular guy' except for this odd little hobby. That's probably true of most of us here.
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