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hello all

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Hey this is bravo,
This is a bit over due and I probably should have done this earlier but I finally got around to it.
Humm... where to begin. Well im a member of this sight because im a diaper lover. Recently i have been exploring my AB side and is still a bit new to me.
Just recently I have finally excepted myself for who I am and decided to embrace things. I'm still dealing with things but i can tell you there a lot better now.
Ever sense i was a kid i remember having this strange fascination with diapers. Most of my life i thought i would grow out of it but i finally excepted that probably wont happen. through out my life I've struggle with it. i would go for months with out thinking about them but then it would always come back to me and i would do the binge then purge cycle. I recently have been trying to take things slowly and stay in for the long run.
With that being said, ill talk a bit about the things I enjoy. I am a major out doors freak. I love camping, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing and mountain biking. If you haven't spent time in the out doors you should it really is amazing. I also love air craft. I am currently trying to get my private pilots license but its hard considering its incredibly expensive. I also a nerd side to me. my favorite book series is the forgotten realms series called The Legend of Drizzt. I also play a tone of computer games especially valve/steam games.
I enjoy meeting and talking to new people so hit me up :D
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