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Hello all

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First off I want to thank all of you for being here....... OK here it goes, I am a middle aged man, With a macho job, that likes..... no loves to wear diapers. My first memory of wanting to wear, or be back in diapers was i guess about 6 years of age. I remember stuffing my shirt into my underpants when i went to bed. Ohhhh what a great feeling that was, the thickness between my legs. I can still remember the well being I felt at the time.
Sometime soon after I found a Daniel Boone coon skin hat that belonged to my older brother. it was soft and fluffy and felt really good. I couldn't help myself. I just had to wet in that hat as i pulled it up tightly like a diaper. I remember doing that a few times, until it disappeared.
At about the age of 12 I fashioned a diaper out of a plastic bag and some paper towels while my folks were out for the night. that was another moment that I will always remember. I'm not sure to this day what I did, but I had my first orgasm while I was in that makeshift diaper. It was kind of scary to me because I didn't know what had just happened...... But I did know it felt good.
So being a testosterone charged little boy with an addictive personality I was on the quest to do that again, and again, and again.
I have read a bunch of those why do I do this, or why do I like this Threads. I tend to believe that I wanted the diapers back on because my Mother was a babysitter, we always had babies and diapered young kids around. Maybe I was a little jealous of the attention the others were getting while they were getting their diapers changed. Not sure of course but just a hunch.
I think this minor obsession became a sexual fetish that fateful night when the folks were away and I was playing in my home made diaper.
So enough of that for now. The reason I am here is that I have just recently introduced my wife to my fetish and was looking for info on that and other things, like diaper reviews.
I will be happy to read your stories and experiences, and share mine as the opportunity arises.

Thank you all again for being here.
Hello Boxersorbriefs and welcome to the group.

Hello there and welcone,
Wow your introduction sounds great, so what's your interest and hobbies, for me I was interested with natural activities and also geocacher, my hobbies was writing and cooking.
Nice to meet you Boxersorbriefs (ups what's your nickname for we can know more about you friend?)
I hope you enjoy at here!

Thank you for the welcome.
Well mostly I work. I do like shooting and reloading. I ride a motorcycle mostly commuting to work. I also like to travel. Too bad I hate to fly.
The nickname is part of an old joke. You are asked what you wear Boxers or briefs. Then you reply Depends.I always got a kick out of that because it would be true if I could.
Oh and my new hobby.... reading this forum.
Hi and welcome to the site. It's funny how we remember those first few times wearing makeshift and real diapers.
I had never related those stories to anyone. Just realized that, it kinda freaks me out.
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