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Hello, AliBabs here

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Hi, I'm Alex and I've only recently joined. I've been an ABDL, for a large part of my life, and I'm hoping joining here will be a great way to get know people like me.

I'm currently in a relationship that has really taken off. My girlfriend and I have been together for three months now and I've told her of me being ABDL and she's very understanding and supportive of me. I've worn in front of her, but have yet to experience my girlfriend being a mommy, but she needs some time before we do that.

More of myself, I'm just a working Canadian, I'm a residential architecture designer and 3D designer working for a small company. I'm really into movies and cameras and computers generally. I used to game a lot more, but I occasional still bust out the video games, Borderlands 2 would be my favourite game right now. Outdoor activities are my favourite, especially in the summer.

Anyways, I'm just saying hello to everyone in the community. (:

Welcome Alex! That was a great intro! It's always nice to hear when an SO is understanding and accepting. You are smart in waiting for her to be a mommy. That may take awhile, if ever. I took a few architect classes in college. Who is your favorite architect?

You are among like minded individuals so jump in on the threads and maybe start your own! Enjoy!
Hi Zipperless,

I've actually haven't gone to school for what I do surprisingly, I actually went to school for film and dropped out 2 years in. I got an in from my brother who worked there, who has now move on to other things, but not sure if I have a favourite architect. I mostly design residential houses for construction or renovation, but I also design 3D worlds for clients who wish to see their project before hand.
Oh, I see. That's awesome! Where I work they are doing a lot of underground 3D models such as where water lines are in relation to sewer lines and stuff. I'm not doing it but I have seen it and it looks cool.
Hey, AliBabs, nice entrée. hope you enjoy fining your way around the forums. There's always something worth participating in.
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