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Hello... after quite a long time

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Hi guys!

After not having been here for quite a while it seems to be appropriate to (re)introduce myself. So here it goes:

My nick's naplov which is meant to be an acronym of nappy and love(r). You probably guessed right: I'm from Europe, from Germany to be more precise. You also might find me on one of the biggest communities over there: the WBC. In case you are interested in German language: It's worth a visit!
I started as DL more than ten years ago, but as time went by I've discovered my AC-side, too. On the net you'll stumble sooner or later over ADISC, so I entered full of curiosity.

I think, that's mostly it. If you feel me to have left out something, feel free to ask!

Nice to be here!
Hello naplove1983 and welcome back to the group.
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