Hellboy II (spoilers maybe)

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So saw this movie today, first off let me say it was FANTASTIC

Everything in the movie was executed so well, there was humour when it was appropriate and never interfered with the action just to make a cheap joke.

This movie definitely gave some depth to the Hellboy character, especially at the Forest God scene, but not only gave Hellboy some new depth but all the characters, especially the elven twins.

Speaking of the elves, the fight between Hellboy and Nuada was absolutely amazing, when Nuala kills herself which in return killed Nuada you really feel bad for him and begin to understand why he was trying to take revenge, and really gives him that look and feel as if he was a hero in his own right.

The costume and set design was beautiful, especially on some of the creatures, the Angel of Death was probably one of the best movie monsters I've ever seen, that guy was genuinely creepy. The design for the elves also was amazing, even being in a rusted building as their kingdom, they still looked noble and proud.

So what is everyone else's opinion on this movie? Go!
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