Heavy Wetting while Sick


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I came down with an awful cough, aches and fever last night and can’t stop wetting. I usually have urgency problems and small stress leaks. The stress leaks are happening whenever I cough or sneeze as usual but I’m not even getting the urge to to wee today. Just leaking into my nappy like a slow-running tap. I even woke up from a nap before to find I’d had a small diarrhoea accident while sleeping. Does anyone else’s pelvic floor just give up when they’re ill?
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Generally when sick your body focuses on the primary keep you alive functions
it's definitely not abnormal.
it happens to me too
stay hydrated hopefully feel better soon
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Yes every time I do get sick it seems like I do wet more offten .
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Most definitely wetting does increase when sick,
when I come down with a strong flu, I drip alot in my diaper.
Yes it happens to many of us.
Thanks for your feedback. Pretty much back to normal now. Was just a bad 36 hrs.
I got the flu 3 days ago. Sneezing-tinkle-time-monster-evil-tired-dragging-mindless-brain fog-experience. Still pending. Hmph. I guess it's goin' around. (?)
My best wishes to all sufferers.
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