Having an Accident?

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Do you sometimes have wetting accidents or less controll while wearing a diaper even thou your not incontinent? I've wet myself by accident a few times.:sweatdrop: Have you even accidentally wet the bed even thou you normally don't?
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As you wear diapers more and more and use them for their intended use I really believe you will have more accidents as your body and mind gets trained to use your diaper. Also when you release all the time as soon as you feel the urge to pee this also shrinks the bladder and weekens the muscles as you are relaxed all the time.
This hasn't happened to me. When I'm wearing I do have to go more often in and don't hold it as long but it is always completely voluntary. It may have to do with wearing infrequently though and if I wore more might come across issues like this.
Yes, I have noticed different blader control patterns while diapered in the past. I have also made bed wetting a part of my life by wearing diapers. Have you ever been confused about if you were wearing a diaper or not? Best not.

Using diapers can relax the bladder muscles and lead to less control. Also, going with little thought leads to going without thinking which can lead to accidents. After personally confirming this, I have been very careful to avoid this during the day and have done the opposite practice at night. Now, I will wet a diaper without waking and wake when without a diaper. The mind follows directions fairly well when given enough practice.

What you practice becomes habit. Just be careful; habits are hard to break. I wore diapers for years to bed and wet every night. Breaking that habit was messy and difficult. Good thing my water bed mattress was waterproof. Otherwise, it would have been ruined.

May I suggest being aware of your diaper practices and deciding what habits you desire? How much do you want diapers to control your life? Keep diapers fun!
The mind is quite elastic in learning new tricks, especially when it comes to night wetting with/without diapers. Now I will admit that my mind is still sorting this all out but as each week passes there are little improvements in wetting while diapered during the night. I am still woken up in the night but now those wake ups have become rather hazy moments of awareness that I wetting myself of which I smile and am soon back to sleep while my wetting is ending.

However, the mind can go into full alarm mode if a wetting is about to happen but I am not diapered. How my mind is aware of this is completely alien to me but it is and quickly it a groggy way find myself at the toilet in short order. But to be on the safe side, I always sleep with a nice feeling changing pad under me for a few times my mind has woken up will bells and whistles happening and I find that the very beginnings of wetting have started. And I hate clenching up and rushing of to the toilet for that is how toes get stubbed.
weirdness for me here... sometimes when i change INTO a diaper, minor urges to pee go away. I never have figured that one out...
weirdness for me here... sometimes when i change INTO a diaper, minor urges to pee go away. I never have figured that one out...

I have the same thing happen to me all the time :P

I don't particularly want to train myself to become incontinent however. Is it possible that that could happen by wearing too often?
Aside from a single incident of wetting myself in my sleep (my diaper was much wetter than it was before I went to bed), I haven't had any accidents (I have had some close calls due to my IBS, though). If anything, my interest in diapers has made me "diaper trained" as opposed to becoming dependent on diapers.
Not really so much accidents as much as just having a relaxed bladder from wearing so much.
bambinod said:
Weirdness for me here... sometimes when I change INTO a diaper, minor urges to pee go away. I never have figured that one out...
Nope, not weird, me too. It's because I know what the consequences of an accident in panties are, but if I'm diapered, I dunno what bad thing might happen if folks found out.
I have the same thing happen to me all the time :P

I don't particularly want to train myself to become incontinent however. Is it possible that that could happen by wearing too often?
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lately I've seemed to have some very mild accidents, doing exercising and when I'm really stressed out typically I might quickly lose control of going for just a split second....I've been wearing diapers pretty far between for 3 or 4 months now, and I'm perfectly fine if keeping wearing them sets me up for some mild incontinence...it's annoying a bit sure, but if it means more reasons to wear diapers...I might be hooked ;)
I wear almost everyday during the day except while at work :( but have to wear every night. I normally wake up wet 3-4 times a week, I'm a very deep sleeper, so the more tired I am the more likely I am to wet. The weird thing with going in your sleep is you don't know your going. I am a DL with a touch of AB, one would think it would be awesome to wake up wet all the time but the reality of it is you don't feel anything, so there's nothing to enjoy, useally when i do wake up I feel like my diaper is clammy and cool, again nothing to enjoy, but after 5 min of waking up I add to the diaper warming it up some.
I noticed when I started wearing and wetting diapers my bladder muscles have seemed to gotten weaker and my night time accidents are a little more frequent. When I'm diapered I am able to use my diaper in just about any position suddenly whenever I get the urge. When I am not diapered I can hold it until I can make it to the bathroom.
I guess I am diaper trained but I am not dependent on diapers.
While it does not happen anywhere near as much as I would like, I quite like the sudden and surprising accident. There is something so sensual, so sexual, so fulfilling in feeling the sudden rush of an "accident"
Well when I had to go 24/7 due to medical problems (OAB) this has happened to me a bit more at night then usual actually. Of course that's because I have literally trained myself to do that so I can sleep better at night. I used to wake up between 2 and 4 AM every morning to use the toilet and I just gave up by wearing a diaper so I can live longer by getting the sleep I need. Basically I sleep right through it all now every night. As annoying as wearing diapers all the time can get I would rather be IC and sleep better (as well as live longer) then to have to get up before the butt-crack of dawn every day just to use the toilet (more likely wet sheets now though).
I wet at night in bed, I've been back in diapers since about March. I've had a few small accidents the past few nights but I have also been under some stress too.
I've been wearing diapers 24/7 for a long time and stopped for a couple of days because I ran out and I have never noticed how dependent on diapers I really was. I was having accidents all the time, so I had my boyfriend to go to the store and get some. I will never do that again
Most of the time when I'm able to wear, I drink more water and am doing things that distract me like games that I like. So the urge can sneak up on me.
There was one time I had been wearing and using diapers for an extended period and one day I wasn't wearing and was at home, I almost had an accident but by brain registered the urge to pee right on time for me to hold. So I didn't really had an accident but it made me think how you can become so accustomed to just let go at the slight urge that you stop thinking about it.
Talk about a slightly necroed thread. . .

As someone who wore recreationally for about a year . . .and may soon be wearing more often due to a legitimate issue (read the blog I just posted.), I would definitely agree that you do lose a bit of control and will have an accident if you are not vigilant, but you will more than likely be able to regain control with time.

This loss of control is in fact incontinence. . .it is a symptom, not an underlying condition. If you wear a diaper for a long period of time, you will become accustomed to just letting go when you need to, and may not think about it when you are not wearing diapers. I would call this a form of functional incontinence, similar to that of a baby or child who just does not know better or think to go to the bathroom. Start listening and reacting to the signals again, and you will be fine.

Also, if you never hold back your urine, as in as soon as you need to you are letting it out, your bladder will never be full, and will shrink with time. This will be very gradual and could take years to have any real effect. When you are then not wearing a diaper, you will find that you need to urinate frequently because your bladder is smaller. This can lead to urge incontinence, or the sudden need/feeling to urinate with little time before you overflow and start leaking. Simply stretch the bladder gradually by holding it for as long as you can, but never letting it become painful.

In both cases, your muscles should be just fine, just need to get used to using them again, so it is not a permanent loss of control.
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