Have You Ever Wet a Bed on Vacation


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A couple of years ago, early in our 10 day stay, I had a pullup leak dramatically while on vacation with my parents at their timeshare resort at Ritz Carlton Maui. About a 10 inch Pee circle. To large to hide. I tried to dry it with a hair dryer but it only made it worse. Yellow stain with pronounced pee outline. Needless to say housekeeping changed my sheets (when it was not sheet change day-in time shares they generally only change sheets twice a week). So I was curious. Underneath the bed pad was placed a discrete water proof sheet made of some sort of nylon material with a waterproof barrier in the middle. For the next 10 days I felt very self conscious every time a walked past housekeeping or they knocked on my door offering something.
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If you want to prevent staining you need to remove the sheets immediately and rinse the affected area. Just drying it will ensure that it becomes stained permanently.

If the area isn't too huge, after taking the sheets of, you can sort of hold them so that the wet area is sticking out and then just run that under a faucet until there's no visible discoloration. If there are no extra sheets, after rinsing them, you can try to dry them off as much as possible with one towel and then put them back on the bed with another towel under them to try to protect the mattress and another one on top for your comfort.

In a hotel it's probably best to bring some sort of pad to use on top of the sheets just in case although they're kind of a PITA to use

It would be nice if hotels had a way to discreetly request a mattress protector at least though. I don't really understand why they don't always use them.
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I was staying at the all star sports resort in Disney and had a significant accident, full adult badder release. It was before I was wearing to bed every night. Anyhow, they changed the sheets and just put a towel under the sheet and over the wet spot. Nothing else was ever said but I was pretty embarrassed.
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I stayed at a hotel near my work due to weather. During the night I had a full release into the bed. In the morning as I was getting ready to leave I seen housekeeping. I slipped the girl a $20 bill and said I had an accident in the bed. She smiled and said it's not the first time don't worry about it. And so I took my bags and left and never heard another word.
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Oh yeah, lol. I'm not a regular bedwetter or anything, no bladder issues. At most, I might unconsciously go because I think I'm wearing a diaper, which has lead to one or two wet beds when I'm not wearing one, but if I'm not wearing for a while then I'm fine.

One time, however, I was on a trip with my mom. We went to a restaurant and I had an allergic reaction, pretty bad, but not hospital bad. I usually try not to take benadryl (you'll understand why in a moment, or maybe you can already guess) when I've had a reaction, which mostly means being careful about how I eat, but this time, it was completely necessary, and I had the epipen on standby if it wasn't enough. It was, though, and she drove me back to the hotel before leaving again. I got in bed with a pounding headache, sore all over, nauseous, etc, the general symptoms I get when I've had a bad reaction. Benadryl makes me tired, like anyone else, and I accidentally fell asleep, which I did NOT want to do.

See, I knew already that benadryl really puts me to sleep, and allergic reactions make me pee more, weaker, etc, which is a bad combination. I had bought some pharmacy diapers when we arrived just in case, and this was one of those just in case moments, but it wasn't enough. Soaked diaper, soaked bed. My only saving grace was that my pee was super dilute and I was able to ask room service for a change of sheets while she was still out, so no smell or evidence.

Very close call though! From now on I bring my regular diapers, even if it means having to bring them through airport security. Turns out they don't care much anyways, lol.
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Our family went on yearly vacations when I was younger and we often stayed at motels/hotels.

Since I wet the bed from about 9 to 12, I am sure I wet the bed several times (or more) while at a hotel.

But I don't remember any of the incidents so I am not sure how my parent's handles the situation.
Funny you should say that, the past 2 vacations I’ve been on I’ve wet the bed on the first night. Anxiety over travelling and jet lag I guess.
Some hotels protect their beds but some don't. I always take my own protection just in case.
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Wetshisbed said:
Some hotels protect their beds but some don't. I always take my own protection just in case.
gosh, and the hotels that don't? Blegh, so nasty. I really don't like staying in hotels specifically for that reason. definitely would be nice to be able to know ahead of time if they put waterproof covers on their beds. only way i can think is to phone them up but that seems a bit awkward lol
Oh yeah. Year or so ago. DL was very new to me. I had just discovered the thrill and pleasure of wearing a nappy. Wet the bed twice on holiday with family (who don't know). Agreed to wear overnight - and I thought great, maybe this is my way into wearing! But family said if it keeps happening i had to see doctor. Can't tell them the real reason, so I had to learn better control very fast! Now only get to wear a couple of times a month when I am away alone. 😢
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I would always be made to bring and wear a diaper if we were staying in hotels to keep me from wetting the bed.
I have heard of hotels trying to bill people for a new mattress due to a child wetting the bed. I have thought about having diapered vacations, but I would have to make sure I took precautions to avoid a wet bed.
I watched the maids at a motel making up the beds in the morning. One of my kids had peed, they just switched out the sheets.
Hotels have most likely seen everything. Plus they have all kinds of commercial grade chemicals to remove stains. I'm sure urine is one of their least concerns that they will find in a room.
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xux said:
Hotels have most likely seen everything. Plus they have all kinds of commercial grade chemicals to remove stains. I'm sure urine is one of their least concerns that they will find in a room.
Hotels usually have white sheets, so they can bleach them. However, I don't think there's any way to get a stain out of a mattress and mattresses are quite expensive
A lot of hotels have mattress protectors on them
Not as an adult but did as a child multiple times. Both me and my older brother were bedwetters and wore drynites to bed. It was not embarrassing because my younger brother was dry as soon as he was toilet trained. It used to be so embarrassing having to share a hotel room and waking up wet and being laughed at by a kid who was 3 years younger than me.
Last time we were at disney my diaper failed and the comforter got soaked I rinsed off the wet spot in the shower and left it to dry . When I saw house keeping out side of our room I mentioned it and she came in and replaced it with out question or issue.
I wet my bed regularly when I was in vacation in my grandparents' cottage during the 1970s and 1980s.
Worse than wet the bed on vacation, I wet my bunk and sleeping bag at Boy Scout camp. It was hard to be discreet trying to dry it enough for use again that night. I finally figured out that if I’d leave it until coming back from swimming and then sit on my bunk and sleeping bag with a wet swimming suit it wasn’t so obvious what had happened the night before and I had a good excuse for hanging the sleeping bag out to dry after that. This was in ‘65, when I was 10, and I was just getting to the point where wetting wasn’t an every night occurrence (at least at home), but it was far more distressing as a new scout experiencing his first time to summer camp. Back then all the products available to parents for their kids bed wetting that are available today weren’t around for several more years. My mom had asked me if I wanted to try cloth diapers when I was around 7, but I declined. I can’t imagine how hard of a time my fellow scouts would’ve given me if I had to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to keep my bunk and sleeping bag dry.