Have You Ever Made An Impromptu Diaper?

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Since the first time I tried wearing a diaper, the closest I have ever been to the real thing is Huggies Dry-Nights, and even then that was only recently.

Having lived at home and now living in a flat with other guys means getting the real thing (and keeping it secret) isn't really feasible and so I have always had to put together my own diapers to wear and use.

I've tried a lot of different design ideas, and just was wondering if anybody else has ever tried this and if so how it turned out?

I always like my creations to actually work, so I experimented a lot and eventually settled on what I think is a pretty good method.
For the outer cloth, I usually just use a bed-sheet or some other type of thin material or else it becomes too thick once folded.
For absorption, a decent amount of high-absorbency paper-towels or toilet paper (how much depends on the person I guess, but it's generally quite a lot)
Then between the cloth and the paper-towels, I put a length of cling-wrap or plastic wrap. This is really effective for water-proofing and it makes barely any sound.
Of course! I think it's almost a rite of passage for all DL's.

I would just use a bed sheet and hold it using boxers. It worked fairly well. I would rarely wet but when I did, I would go very slow and only wet a little. I only ever had a couple of leaks (usually caused by flooding).
Well back in the day there wasn't much choice. Fortunately I was always quite creative with an eye for detail. I produced some pretty convincing stuff for a little dude. They say that necessity is the mother of invention lol.
I did pretty much the same thing as arcituthis, using a bed sheet. I also have a vague memory of using a garbage bag and stuffing it with paper towels or something but I can't remember if I actually did that or if I was just thinking about doing that.
I recall trying this many years back with some sort of dud towel and toilet paper. Worked decently (as decently as toilet paper stuffed in a towel will work), if I recall correctly, but was a pain to return everything to normal. (I think that's the time I had to explain how I clogged the toilet... "Uhh, to see how much toilet paper you can flush down it?"...)
Can't recall ever making an impromptu nappy when I first started out, however after years using good quality disposables I will soon be making my own nappies.

For a while now I have wanted to try reusable nappies and with all the good disposable nappies slowly being ruined with the cloth outers and a distinct lack of UK suppliers for reusables I have decided to make my own.

They will be a little less impromptu than what people did as teens though. I will be using my much loved Tena slip as the template and they will be of a velcro closing, all in one design. So far have only decided on the outer layer which will be PUL fabric and that it will be three layers thick and I will be using seperate boosters.

Am currently looking out for a cheap sewing machine on eBay and still need to identify what supplier(s) I will use for my materials.
My first successful cobbled together diaper was: 1 pair for tighty whiteys (to help contain a mess), a bath towel folded so that it would go from front to back, another pair of tighty whiteys (to hold the bath towel) then I took a kitchen garbage bag and tore leg holes in the bottom and pulled it on and folded the excess down over the top. I could wet that homemade diaper until the pee was sloshing around and almost never leak. If I was worried about noise I would put on another pair of underwear over that before pulling my pants on.
Story of my life :)
I was desperate enough once I just held a wash cloth close to me. It was laundry day.
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