Has the abdl lifestyle ever made family relations awkward?

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So I am fairly new to the site at least in terms of membership up until now, but I have been dl and kinda ab since about the age of 14. Over the years as most people know you have those awkward moments where you get caught or almost get caught.

What I want to know is have you guys been caught, and did it put an awkwardness in relationships with your family? My biggest fear is that my family will think I am crazy or mentally messed up if I get caught doing this, and it will make it hard to spend time with them.

My parents are largely conservative in their belief system, but with that being said I am almost sure they know of my secret lifestyle but haven't actually said anything to me. Unfortunately it makes me shy away from spending time with them, thinking they always know of my dark secret and look down on me for it. Does anyone have any tips for me to stop feeling so strange around family after something like this?

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My family is conservative as well. My mom probably just thinks I have a medical issue. I do not do anything different around her. She never asked. When I go visit family I always have padding on and hug everyone without thimking about it. Nobody has ever gotten too close to my padding or done anything uncomfortable or said anything.

My kids are a little more trouble. They try to peek in my packages and look into my store purchases. They are age 9-17. The oldest is pretty respectful but the younger ones are super curious. I do not lock my door unless I am changing and some of my stuff stays on the night stand so I just answer questions if they have them. I told the kids I need them but my husband told them it was a fetish so that is kinda awkward. Then it was kinda awkward when my 32 year old stepson was here. He just came over unexpectedly when my husband wasn't home and I was super thickly padded and wet. He comes into my room and sees a few things I have out but he never said anything to me so I guess it will be ok.
My mom saw my bottle and pacifier purchase, but I suspect she's caught on to the whole ABDL thing. It hasn't affected our relationship in any way.
When my mom caught me, she sent me to see a psychiatrist, but I was having some other serious problems at the time, such as a psychotic break. Even so, she did not approve of my wearing diapers, and would leave little pamphlets around my bedroom about "being a man"....sigh. It helped when I moved out.
I've only been in a diaper one time in front of a family member. My sister came by unannounced to pick up something I had said she could borrow. That was a little stressful but she seemed to notice nothing.
When I still lived with my parents I did wear, but I always made sure to be very discrete. So I don't think my family ever noticed. Except there was one time my mom hung up my clean shirts for me in my closet. I kept my diapers behind my shirts so I have to imagine she would have seen them, she never mentioned anything. If she did see them I'm sure she assumed I was having issues with bed wetting like I did when I was younger.
I used one of the recommendations here (Still an amazing spot for someone else) of putting it in the secret spot under my nightstand next to my bed. Had 2 diapers under it and was getting ready to throw them out the next day. Apparently my mom needed to move the wireless phone which routed the wire behind the nightstand and found them. My family never said a word to me about what they found, but my mom that night when I was going to bed said hey I moved your nightstand and just went silent. So I'm aware they know, but I'm lucky because there were never extreme accusations or questions thrown at me. As long as I am concerned she accepted them for what they were and didn't feel the need to say anything else to me. No complaining from my end
I've been caught by my mom a few times. First time I got caught she sent me to a therapist but at the time I didn't even understand why I liked diapers and refused to corporate. She let it go. After being caught a few more time and I understood my feelings better ( thanks to this site) I pulled up articles and explained to her everything. She seemed pretty accepting if it but felt like I was going through a stage. Dunno if she still kbows I wear, I think she does but it hasn't changed our relationship. I think my brother knows also but hasn't said anything. He skipped class one day and came home unexpectedly with some friends while I was in the living room in nothing but a diaper. Lucky for me I had my pants right next to me but I think he saw as I was pulling my pants up. He never said anything about it though. Felt very awkward around him for a little while. He has also came across my plastic bin that I keep my dirty diapers if I hadn't had a chance to properly dispose of them and mentioned a foul smell under that bin I have another one that has my unused diapers in and im nearly sure he looked inside that one as well but didn't say anything. I think he mentioned the smell to indirectly to get me to come clean about it but im not ready and told him idk why it smells weird. This happened lately just before he moved out. Made things very awkward again.
While I have yet to be caught by my family (considering how I've heard plenty of anti-sex stuff and other disapproval from things outside the norm from my family, It'd go over badly) and they wouldn't report any awkwardness, there have been many times where I personally felt uneasy and awkward when telling one of the countless lies I had to tell in order to keep them from discovering my ABDL side, particularly when anything comes in the mail, or the rare times I was wearing with them around.
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