has anyone every tried to use a abri san x plus pads with a abri-form x plus diaper???

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Ok so I've just purchased 2 cases of abri-form x-plus diapers( now called the m 4's) and a few bags of the abri san air x plus 11 pads. I was wondering if any one has ever tried this?
I personally like to double diaper and cut slits in the first diaper with a razor blade
And put on another diaper so I get a really thick diaper feel. I was also wondering if it would
Work right if I cut slits in the abri- san pad and put it in my diaper? I've always been a huge
Fan of abena's products and have worn them for years and never thought about using a
Abri-san pad as a diaper doubler until now......... I basically want a really thick diaper feel with just one diaper to tape up and not have 8 tapes to undo. (This takes as much time getting out of
As it does getting into).
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