Has anyone been caught Doing Little Stuff by non ABDL people

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I Would Love to Hear about your misshaps with ABDL Stuff including Diaper Mishaps Or someone Finding your stash of items
Being caught is usually not something that is fun or entertaining. It can be a horrible experience that can leave someone depressed, anxious, and downright feeling sick inside. If you want to read about others mishaps I would suggest using the search bar as others have, in the past, posted what has happened to them and sought out advice from this forum.

We hide for quite a few reasons, an overwhelming fear of rejection being the biggest, and getting caught can bring those fears to life.
I agree with Rooky, its usually not fun or entertaining, that said I do have a pretty embarrassing one that in hindsight is pretty funny. . . So F it, I'll share it why not.

One night I thought my mother had gone to bed, and indeed she had, so I was wearing a diaper and stuff, then I heard her walking down the steps, needless to say I put pants on beacuse god would that be awkward, but the kicker of the story was that I was messy at the time (I know probably TMI) Turns out she was more or less sleepwalking, she never found out because she was too far in like one of those sleep trances because it was 2 in the morning and she only came back down to say goodnight for whatever reason, at the time I was terrified, but in hindsight I find it kinda funny. . . That's just my opinion on my little story though, lets leave it at I was far more careful about doing any little things from that point on.

I say that, but a year later I had 2 goodnites, and a bottle of baby powder on top of them on my computer desk one night. I was sitting at my computer and its in the dining room (Awake at night pays off lol) My dad woke up to go to work (His work schedual changes daily) and I completely forgot about the diapers and powder on my desk. He walked past my desk to go to the front door with my mother in tow (She wakes up to say bye to him then goes back to sleep.) Good for me my desk is always cluttered, no one ever noticed. Lol
No thank you.
I think my now adult children have seen so much baby or little stuff in our house that it defies logic. I have six plushies sitting on my bed. One of the bedrooms my sons once used now has all my diaper stuff. One of them will just come home looking for something, either a tool I have, or something they think they left years ago. Then I go scurrying around trying to hide things. It really gets annoying after awhile.

Saturday (yesterday) I was in the bathroom shaving. I was wearing just a diaper and the door bell rings. My wife is in her wheelchair, and so I hear all this commotion upstairs. The dog is barking and going crazy and all I can think is that our oldest son has popped in. I mad dash looking for a pair of pants to put on and see who it is, expecting my son to suddenly be downstairs looking for something. It turns out it's The Jesus People looking for new converts.

My wife has managed to wheel herself to the front door to tell them that we're very happy in our church. The dog has now jumped on her leg, scratching it. When I finally figure out what's happening, I have to resist the urge to get the gun and send the happy proselytizers to meet their savior! It's never a dull moment at our house, dog and all!
Angelic said:
I Would Love to Hear about your misshaps with ABDL Stuff including Diaper Mishaps Or someone Finding your stash of items

Hi Angelic

Well this is something I hat to think about when i was think about going all in as it where.

One of the rules that my Daddy set for me is that Sisi must be safe.
Which included not answer the telephone for answering the door to strangers.
Caller ID on the telephone's and a camera on the door. Made me a lot more safe.

But As I relaxed into my lifestyle There are times when I've caught out People see my changing bag at work. Or seeing me suck my pacifier. I am just honest with them.

Sometimes I get teased about be a Little. like they will ask me if I can count. I've got some witty one-liners comebacks to most things. If I am asked if i can count I tell them as long as its not more that 10 I be fine.

I have found that most people like the way I am. And they seem to join in being Little even if it for a short while. People like to play and have fun even if they are an adult. And I have been told the if some one is a is a meaning it is because they have an couchie somewhere.

I have been told that I'm too sweet and innocent for words before now.
Not sure what they meant but they where being nice to me so I said thank you.

I Think openness on honesty are better than hiding and fear. This is way I am able to where are opening around the house have my bottles and pacifier. And my toys. And cuddly toys. Out all the time. I am a Little and thats nothing to be ashamed about.

Thinking about this The most challenge I've ever had was someone with severe autism, who told me that if I was really a Little then I should be driving. As its not safe for children to drive and it wouldn't be safe for someone with a child like mind.

I don't really have an answer for that becouse he is right. So now I think about it before I drive. And being on public transport is actually nicer, because I don't have to think about the road other road users.

Anyway that's enough of me going on.


Its not like a dl experience but when i was in kindergarten, I used to go to a room, and there was a desk with 3 o 5 diapers up there, then when no one was around i pick up a diaper and put it between my legs, but one day my teachers go in and saw me, then i close my eyes while my teachers says Is that your diaper? Luckily she didnt say anything to my parents ;)
Well, I haven't always been the best at hiding my things. Once my mom found one of my soothers. She connected the dots really quickly and seemed quite desturbed by the notion that I wanted to be a baby. She made it clear that she'd better not find any diapers laying around.

An other time my brother came home undexpectedly while I was having a baby day. I was wearing diapers under my PJs. I am pretty sure he could hear them crinkling as I walked. That was quite mortifying.

An other time I accidentally send a friend some photos I had take of myself all dressed up. Thankfully she already knew I was and AB/DL, but it was still eberassing.
One time last year I was padded up thickly and sleeping in my favorite "Free Hugs" pj pants which are a bit snug especially with the diapers I had on. My parents came home which semi woke me up. Thing is, my mom came in to check on me. She'll do this from time to time even though I am in college now. So she opened the door, creeped over to my bed, and started to rub my back. She believes it helps someone have good dreams. So I was thinking "As long as she doesn't notice the obvious bulge from my padding I'm good." She stopped rubbing my back and before I could sigh a breath of relief, I felt one of her all to common playful swats on my rear, causing a slight crinkle to be heard. Before I could even pretend to toss a bit in my sleep to make her think she might've woken me up, I hear her murmur "If only you were still my little baby." Ever since, even in public, she call me her little baby. Course knowing how her memory works, I can't quite be sure if she knows or not.

Another case last month, I was in my dorm room trying to get padded up when I hear the keys enter to doorknob. I freaked out, threw the diaper into one of my backpacks, and slid it under my bed. Downside for me, my roommate was back for the evening, which meant no privacy. He means well, but he can get nosy.

Eh that is all I have for now. I am kind of thinking of telling my roommate the truth, he is understanding and open. Now and days I am unsure about telling my mom. Her mood fluctuates too much to actually predict what she'll do.
"Toys" found by my mother (I was 17 - I think,) somtething very frecuent in the comunity. By housemate a years ago (bad situation, because squat, drugs...) And last time, about two years ago by the cops. Not really bad, but as I'm not resident there, I don't care.
Oh Mine was Ehen my mum Walked in just Wehen i had a pack in my Mouth. I Quickly spat ist out and hid it under my Pillow and when i was Discussing about my placement at nursery and Talking about diapers when my mum Said Babies war diapers because they dont Know ist Right to wait Utill they geht to a bathroom and i was Wearing that day, dad looked at me and i fehlt awkward :sweatdrop:
I had my bottle on my side table, my housemate knocked on my door and I opened it without thinking.. I don't know if they saw it or not.. to be fair, with me I don't "get caught", I get drunk and tell people all about DDLG :sweatdrop:
Oh dear Hey Another Teen Baby bzw i ment paci
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