Harmonious nappy partnership (if you will)

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So for about a week now I've been combining my disposable's with a classic towel nappy (fold-style), disposable on first than towling. A very enjoyable experience let me tell you! It's come about via an interesting set of circumstances...I've no more cupboard and drawer space and no more space for another small drawer set or cupboard either - IUWW I don''t have any shelves but I'm not the kind of person who puts up shelves, there are people in my family who will but they're currently working through other indoor jobs!

Anyway it's not an experience (towel wearing) that I'm dis-enjoying (if you will), the comfort factor's incredible not too mention you get good padding without the heat of two simultaneous disposables (okay it's a little bit warmer than what I'm used to but nothing to bad to put me off. It really works in some areas: If the inner disposable a good one then wetting with both's a cool expear' - you can pretend you're wetting the cloth one even though you're not and like I just said leaks don't happen if the disposable's up to it.

Thanks to some recent and surprising biological occurances (OK - I'll spell it out more - relating to just urine and temporarily vanished control!) I'd never just sleep in a toweling nappy so combining the two eliminates all worries in that particular area. You do look incredibly babyish (in a vintage sense/way) and of course because there's a nappy over the 'magic-show' (ladies ;) - shush!) the towel doesn't need to be washed so much - releeving as it is (and this'll probs come as no surprise) completo' white.

Yes I've gained two very shallow pin-pricks (to the fingers!) (owwww!) but they are made better by the fact I've become a total boss at pinning towel nappies on in a more-than-satisfactory fashion!

Any one else out there doing this/trying this or wanting to try this? it sounds both cliché-ic and non-deliberately Hannah Montana-ish but it is the best of both worlds! bringmesunshine

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Oh yes, I don't own a single pair of plastic pants but it is an ambition. Wow, I've never had much of an AB side but maybe the size of my small AB side is increasing...'spose we'll see. bringmesunshine
Sounds like you're having fun :)
I actually like both, but although I've wondered about combining them I never have. I mostly wear disposable when I'm up and about but do like to wear cloth to bed sometimes...I think this is is how I was diapered as a baby...so that's why it kind of feels right I guess. I will agree on the comfort thing. Haha... Also get some plastic pants they're really quite fun.
Well, towel diapers were likely the first ever diaper made (look at medieval biblical artwork, baby jesus is nearly always seen wrapped in a towel or linin). In other words, they worked for thousands of years and they should still work for thousands, if not millions more!
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