Happy New Year to everything except my bladder!


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Right now I'm coming off a third month of antibiotics, barely a break between rounds. I had a regular UTI, it turned into pneumonia (my immune system is fucked), I test clear, I test for another, I get more antibiotics, I test clear, my symptoms are still there, without a test they give me another antibiotic, and now we're at the point I can't ignore the fact that sometimes a week or so ago I've started having kidney pain—round the start of the last round of antibiotics.

Oh, and I'm still having the usual bladder and pelvic pain. Along with the slicing stabbing pains that hit me in the perineum out of nowhere and make it hard for me to tell if I'm wet or not because the pain itself is so bad that for a second I have to actually think about whether or not I have enought of…ahem, a tighten, to keep myself from having an accident.

And yes, y'all—I did me some research, and that slicing stabbing pain is in fact an IC thing. I ignored it for months because an antibiotic I was on at the time—again for a UTI—strangely listed that pain as a side effect. I naively thought that it would just go away after the course was done
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I feel so sorry for you.
This pain similar to UTI could be interstitial cystitis?
DreamerBen said:
I feel so sorry for you.
This pain similar to UTI could be interstitial cystitis?
That's the official theory.

Today my doctor was glad to discover that the Zyrtec that I resumed taking has actually helped take the pain from *rolling on the floor grasping my midsection and wailing* to just an "oh my fuckin gawd ow I hate my life"

Yes, that is an improvement. (⁠-⁠_⁠-⁠;⁠)⁠・⁠・⁠・