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So, I was asked how can Capcon be more accessible for people with physical disabilities. My first thought was all the toys in the pre-school nursery were on the floor, they really need to be up on tables, big heavy tables so people can not only pull a wheelchair up to, but non-disabled people can climb on and crawl or sit and play with people in wheelchairs. [I really wanted to play with others, and I did, but a table like that might create more interaction.] Highchairs, changing tables and cribs that are lower so people in wheelchairs can transfer too. Most need caregivers, not because there an AB, but they really need to be taken care of because of there disability. These caregivers should be let in free.

Capcom was GREAT, I had a good experience and lots of fun, but I want to make it more accessible, any other ideas?
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might want to barrow a Hoyer lift to have one available for caregivers to help transfer to changing tables
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