Hand out your Christmas gifts to Adisc users.

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Alright, I didn't see this thread yet, sorry if I missed it. Basically like last year this is a thread to give your gifts to Adisc friends. Not Christmas yet but I'm unsure if I'll get the chance to later. Merry Christmas to everyone!

To Marty: A plane ticket to an anywhere, for a nice long vacation.
To Unfused: A brand new bass, bass amp, and a computer to call your own. :p
To Digital: A nice record deal.
To Avery: A new fiddle and an electric guitar set, with a wah pedal.
To MM3: Another computer worthy of being added to your rig.
To Christhefur: A nice fox fursuit.
To Peachy: A year supply of Dr. Pepper. :p
To Ayanna: A lot of food, movies, and a nice warm, soft, and cozy blanket.
To Mzkkbprmt: A new fencing sword, and plenty of rubber bands to play with/dismantle
To Tsendo: Lots of food and such that you'd like, and a new laptop.
To Trevor: A watchdog for the chat. ;p
To Pramrider: One of the finest prams you can find.
To Shippofox: A 2,000$ giftcard for games and such.
To Point Blanch: A better internet. :p
To Hypnotoad: Froth, and lots of it.
To Icey: A card to get three free teddies from Build-a-Bear.
To Kevintje: The ability to shock people over the phone.
To Lukie: The day off for Christmas Eve and Day.
To Maverick: A free vacation ticket to where ever.
To xdeadx: A few free plane ticket flights.
To Maveru: Claudio.
To Your Worst Nightmare: Another puppy for more fun. :p
To Titus: More time to be online. :p
To Kovalchuk: A lot of hockey game tickets.
To The Sun: A mind eraser. ;P
To Kraiden: A paci making machine.
To Akira: The rest of Coheed and Cambria
To Chillhouse: A special protective case for your prised first guitar.
To Skinnypuppy: The worlds ugliest dog.
To Priest: The finest anime gear.


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Okay...lemme see...where to begin...

Marty - a day with more hours, so he has time for all the things he has to/wants to do
Kef - a phone that only calls out, so he doesn't have to receive calls from the morons at work
TG - a lifetime supply of shampoo and conditioner (Cousin IT needs to keep his hair silky and shiny) ;)
Peachy - money money money - and his very own streetcar!
Zyphy - free tickets...anywhere in North America...so he can go visit his many and wide-spread family members
Rance - a new cape (all superheroes need a cape!)
Pramrider - an adult size pram, with extra-strength suspension and racing stripes
Avery - some pretty lights for his tree, that flash in sync with his fiddle playing!
Jack26 - a ticket to Canada so I can meet him at the airport and yell "HI JACK!"
Andysetra - a wood stove on which to warm his toes (and a buttered rum) on cold winter evenings!
Charlie F - a pair of boots and a tail-warmer to go with his hat & scarf!
Hypnotoad - a pair of dark sunglasses, so he doesn't hypnotise everyone!
Chevre - his very own mountain
Lukie - more time off work to play on ADISC
Kraiden - a lifetime supply of plastic and latex for his paci-making-machine
UnMarth - a gift certificate to the airline of his choice to fly anywhere in the world to visit whomever he'd like to visit!
mzkkprmt - a bucket of vowels!
Trevor - a new trench coat & fedora
Your Worst Nightmare - a sleep chamber so he can't get out and get into others' dreams!
Priest - an automatic name-changer that will change his name randomly at least once a month

If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry...I'll try to make up for it next year!


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To Abigail: 1 truckload of books.
To baseball4life: Chicago Cubs season tickets.
To christhefur: Some better diapers than Depends! :D
To Crassi: A Soviet-era rocket launcher and tank! LeninCertified™!
To Cubby: Your first diapers and a ride in a silver Volvo.
To DarkSunDS: The Fap-O-Matic™ Fapping device made by Fap4UInnovations™.
To diaperedbabygirl: More stuffed animals.
To diaperlover93: The complete collection of all B-Movies.
To diapeybabybrian: A real, live Yoshi!
To Hexaod, wherever he may be: My old RuneScape account.
To Icey: Even more Anime.
To Kitcat: All the Star Wars movies.
To Mitsukuni: Again, some better diapers than Depends!
To Mr Alex: Some Tranquility ATNs, so you won't have to steal mine!
To Pojo: The Joy Of Cooking Steak cookbook.
To redtails: A real chemistry lab.
To Secret: A brand-new guitar.
To Shu: 1 truckload of Pampers.
To spacemanBEN: U2 by U2 (a book, it's got some really cool pictures and info!) and Vancouver Canucks season tickets.
To The Sun: A gigantic Japanese flag and FullMetal Alchemist Season 1.
To the-ownage: Every U2 studio album.
To tiger2: Stalingrad, the movie, of course.
To Tommy: More Pampers Baby Dry 6.
To Your Worst Nightmare: A brand-new pirate cutlass.
To Zodiac Pup: The latest in video games.
To Zyph: An Applebee's gift card. (Joking! OK, a real live TIGER. Better?)


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In no particular order:

To Marty - a T-shirt with this on it
To Zyph - the best electric guitar set up ever
To Trevor - the worlds luckiest set of dice
To Avery - the ability to come on IRC earlier
To Charlie F - a watch that makes sure he turns up on time
To Priest - a guide to comedy
To Lukie - whatever band of his choice giving him a VIP individual performance, also MORE TIME OFF WORK
To Peachy - a train set, as in the one on my card
To legobaby - a giant lego dragon
To Jack26 - Some time without anyone else in his house
To dannytheninja - a set of computerised katanas
To Target - a big microphone, a kareoke and some booze
To Abbigail - a pet pink monkey
To xdeadx - a publisher for his stories
To Maverick - the ability to make his Mum listen
To Jammie - the ability to be the Doctor's assistant/the Doctor - as he wishes
To Hypnotoad - an all you can eat buffet
To Manveru - 'Fitter Happier' pn a loop and all the weed he wants
To Takashi - all the hugs in the world
To Tommy - Chealsea football club
To baseball4life - a bit more height
To kevintje - an interesting job
To UnMarth - a supercomputer to play about with
To Jon93 - the ability not to go into school the one day he was planning to this term
To ayanna - a big neon sign saying "I'm RIGHT"

And finally to our lord and master, Moo - a big red button that in one press will destroy the entierity of the chan empire

If I have forgotten anyone, would grovelling at your feet and performing whatever acts you so wish surfice as payment?


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OMG, someone gave me something!!!!!!

*feels so fucking loved*

To Zyph - A Family Guy Season 1,2,3 BOX SET. hahahahahaha
To Peachy - A Peach
To Yumi - Some Food
To Kovalchuck - The New Thrashers third jersey
To Incomplete Dude - A Brand new Sleeper with Puppies and Doggie Bones
To Martin - A bugs bunny plushie
To Pojo - A gallon of Milk
To Baseball 4 Life - Season tickets to the CUBS for '09
To Trevor - A Ban Hammer
To Mandi - Incomplete Dude's Address ;)
To NE Jay - A "get out of Suspension free card" to use at Diaper-Boys.net
To DarkSun - A Peace Pipe, packed with some green
To Kraiden - An autographed picture of Hugh Laurie

To everyone else I forgot - A big fat hairy Hoo Hah :)
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Abigail - A tazer with a video camera to post your victums on youtube.
Ayanna - To have your own personal doctor that will come to your house in 30 seconds flat!
DannyTheNinja - All expenses paid trip to the 25C3
Charlie_F - Mr. Bush caught in a pokéball to add to his collection of pokémon.
Chevre - Some nice new bushes and boulders for your hills.
DarkSun - Some more Hydrogen, before you turn into a black hole!
Hypnotoad - A quantum tunnle, be careful though you may find yourself trapped in another dimension if some one tries to find where you are.
Icey - A bigger contact list. Becuase you've filled it to the limit with the amount of friends you like to make.
Jack26 - A years worth of maths trivia weekly subscription.
Lukie - Some Gabber albumbs and More time off work.
Marty - A comftable set of clothes that will make you look like a bad ass yet remain cool.
Moo - Some hay, just the way you like it. And cattle feed if you like that too.
Mzkkbprmt - A much more complicated cypher to use that will return the value of 'NappyKing' to 42 :p.
Peachy - Nicely polished shoes.
Preist - Socks, as he needs to change them more often than his nick.
Trevor - A nice hat to match his avatar.
Yumi - Some kandi merchandise.
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Point: A unicorn made out of glitter
A roll of wire
D&D for dummies
An alternate universe where stairs were never invented
A pen, that flips itself
A Loudspeaker in the event of another riot
Charlie_Eff: A maid... outfit
Mzkkw/e: Lifetime supply of Tango
Toy till register, with plastic coins
A tazer

Anyone not on this list, a pristine lump of coal. Polished coal for anyone that gave me a present.

Matrix Blade

Let's see
Cubby- a book on the history of theater acts and the guide to surviving hurricanes.
ashley. eskimo- a date with Johnny Depp
baseball4life-a Chicago Bear's Jersey
Jon93- A nice new iPod
Candyman-Ummm... healthy food
Mesmerale-A book on football (American)

And to everyone else:
A merry Christmas and diapered life:smile1::smile::smile1::smile::smile1::smile:

Merry Christmas everyone!


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Eddy: A complete Crow costume
Mandy: A new cellphone, named Robin
Snap: A cat
Digital: A mixed tape
Me: A new username
Matrix Blade: A truckload of old fish
Yumi: Something that could possibly make The Organization fuck up
Peachy: Chocolate

Tell me if I talk to you extensively on my profile. I'll give you a gift if I didn't.


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Candyman: New razorblades and a bag of pot
Figz: A Real Life Mudkips
Ashley.Eskimo: Some Good Diapers
Pojo: A Giant Stuff Cow
Peediaper: CD and Goth clothes
Diaperedbabygirl: Stuffed Animals and Some baby clothes
Mitsukuni: New Drawing Stuff *Paper, color pencil, etc*
Icey: Triple H and Shawn Micheal Teddy Bear
Snap: another cat
Moo: A Meme


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Oh, shit. Presents? Fuck, I completely forgot.

I'm the motherfucker everybody hates up in this piece, rolling in with the same thing for everybody -- lottery-tickets that are already scratched off, none of which won. My breath will smell like booze, and I'll be the one member of the gift-exchange who nobody actually wants around. That, and I'll eat all the good shit off the pot-luck table, leave the fruitcake, and peace-out like nobody's business!

Yeah, I'm that asshole! -_^ Because there's gotta be one in every group!

(Actually, I'm too lazy to write up a list, because I would love to give presents to everyone... but I don't want to forget anybody and leave anybody out! I'll just give out huge, warm hugs all around and call it even!)

Merry Christmas!


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Only one person thought of me.... oh well.... :(
Better than no one. :D Thanks Zyph! I still have that time stopping/slowing watch from last year! It could use some batteries though.

Everyone can pick from the following....
a case or pack of diapers, a collar, a dress, footed sleepers, a video game, or a plushie

Also available.... (though only one of each, unfortunately. First come first serve!)
a pet fox (not me! well maybe, but you'd have to sign a contract first! :p), a pet wolf, a pet lion, a robot, a new computer, a space ship.... wait no, the ship's mine! But anyone is invited on board. :laugh: Oh, there's also a thought-operated game controller available! You might want to wait til next year for this though.... they still need to work out some of the bugs! (just so people know what the heck I'm talking about http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/12/03/epoc_brainwave_gaming_headset_delay/ )
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Let's see...as with everyone else, no particular order, and don't be annoyed if I forgot you:

To ayanna: Fuzzy bunny slippers
To Zyph: An electric razor :tongueout:
To mz-rest of the funky letters: The ability to freeze his parents by simply making the tips of his two index fingers meet
To Moo: The greenest, juiciest meme-freeest grass one can find
To Error404: A working website!
To Kovalchuk: A name plague in Cyrillic
To Abigail: Pink fuzzy bunny slippers :D
To Pojo: A second line for his posts :eek:
To baseball4life: A baseball card with his picture and name on it
To Hypnotoad: A big pond to jump into
To Maverick: A plane ticket to the next Manchester meet
To Jack26: X packages of diapers where X stands for the square root of half of the number in his name squared.
To xdeadx: His own personal fox pet
To Jammie: A second room, filled with a nice big bed for him, the lion and any visitor :)
To Corri/Drew: The ability to make people appear on the spot so they can hug him in rough times
To FullMetal: A diaper made fully of metal (or is that a chastity belt? :eek: )
To TallestBabyEver: A sunroof for his car so he can finally sit upright :D
To Lukie: Flour and eggs so he can make me a birthday cake too ;)
To Spirit: Snow! A train load full of it to roll around in
To Marty: A caravan/trailer for when he gets his first car
To Priest: A Burger King coupon for a meal of his choice
To Trevor: His own comedy show on TV
To Yumi: A comfy footed sleeper for those cold Canadian nights
To BabyGrizzy: An electron microscope :eek:
To DarkSun: Two more hands :D
To avery: A shopping voucher for the IKEA store in Sweden
To Unmarth: His own personal super computer
To Charlie F: A Mew costume to be worn on New Year's Eve!
To christhefur: VIP tickets to AC
To Tommy: A hidden room to store and use all his diapers in
To King of Clubs: The Queen of Clubs :D
To Kraiden: Dr. House's childhood paci
To Zodiac Pup: 20 computer games..in German



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Zyph: A free fast ferry service between California and the Netherlands (I know I'm cheating it's also a gift for me so I'll also give him unlimited lasagna for the rest of his life);
Mzkkbprmt: Total sound proof ear plugs and some good shades. And not to forget a sleeping bag;
Ayanna: Someone with good WiFi nearby to leach off of;
Avery: The possibility that all his friends can come by and meet him in his new place;
MM3: Money that is only to be spent on computers etc.;
Danny: A computer in your room;
Peachy: A lifetime supply of Cheese;
Trevor: More time to play games;
Pramrider: A good swing set outside;
Kevintje: A car that works on H2O. (you can't sell it though or tell anyone about it) Just ride it as much as you want;
Lukie: A smooth transition back into University;
Maverick: A chance to undo 1 thing in your life and a good creativity to think of rude things to say back to people and not to forget a player that can say all sentences you want in all languages;
Titus: More time to do stuff you want;
Kraiden: To be good friends of Hugh Laurie;
Priest: A welsh accent to add to your collection;
Target: A better camcorder for your Youtube videos;
Rance: Extra letters for your next big post;
Charlie: A time turner, so you can go back in time if you're too late for something;
Chevre: With a new mountain + bushes and boulders you HAVE to have a new computer there too, so hereby you get one;
Doodle: Some more Innocent minds to corrupt;
Abygail: Now you're (finally) of age :p a 100-200USD gift card to spend on something you wanted (If you don't remember what you said what you'd buy then ask me to quote you);
TBE: Custom made pants (if it's hard for me to find stuff I don't even want to know how hard it is for you);
UnMarth: An iPod Touch;
Jon93: School days;
Spirit: A personal weather station.

If I forgot anyone, sorry out of money to spend, better luck next year. I'll give you a hug though.


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To Akira: Shaving cream
To Moo: Rick Astley's album, Whenever You Need Somebody, and the single Never Gonna Give You Up.
To Shodai: My eternal love.

To everyone else: You just lost the game.
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