Halfway to accepting it.....

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Hello, anyway if I should be posting these in the mature topic area, let me know, anyway, I fell great, mostly because I finally am accepting this part of me, although it isn't easy, I fell more in tune than ever, and I have a Collier, and a plushie, the diapers I'll have to work on later, also I am working on a list of baby, cat, and dog items for myself to get and I also have a plan, also I am going to my uncles, where I will hopefully get some Christmas money, as a Belated Christmas gift.
Still due to a combo of things, mostly my grandma, god, and a article I read here, I fell more confident then ever. Also college is tomorrow, and I fell great right now, I really need to prepare and study and due to the fact my brother might see, I won't be on here as often, as I was this Christmas Break, but still I'll try, and I'll be on here Tuesday's and Thursday's also Saturday and Sunday, mostly until the fall semester is up, but I will check it and I'll get email 's so don't neglect to comment, oh and one more thing I am working on my avitar, and as soon as I do I would like to know your opinion.



Ps. Sorry couldn't resist.
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