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Haii there from Sydney,Australia!

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I've been a Diaper lover as long as I can remember, a little (age 4-8) around the same time I realised I was Bi and only just recently started lurking about the diaper/little fur scene.

With my beloved drivers license now suspended for quite a while *9 months in the naughty corner for me :(*, and no friends and only one or two dedicated hobbies/active interests , i've finally decided to try and embrace these feelings i've had all years

Also curious to know how many like myself are in Sydney/Australia in comparison to the rest of the world

Allthough I can be quite shy, anxious, awkward when it comes to meeting new people, once i'm comfortable with my surroundings I become a bouncy,colourfull bundle of joy who is a maaajjoorr sucker for cuddles :3

I've never been one to RP due to being terrible at little talk (typing and verbally)

Still being at home majorly restricts my Diaper and Paci use, I can only dream of the day I can move out :(

I think thats enough dribble for now:laugh:

Any questions fire away!!
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Hi LittleLectro, welcome!

It sucks about your drivers license. Hopefully the 9 months isn't too grueling.
Do you have a fursona? I've just about completed mine as a 4-5 year old arctic fox cub. :)

Make sure to jump in on any of the threads that interest you. No reason to be shy, we don't bite, usually. :p
Well there is more to life than driving afterall, fortunantly Sydney has public transport to everywhere imagineable so that certainly helps a little explorer like myself :p

Yep! currently a work in progress but nonetheless http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lillectro/

Will try my best!! Thanks for the welcome :)
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