Had the greatest time last night!

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Well, considering all the posts that have been made by my Hubby and myself over the last few days, I have to tell you all...


My hubby and I talked A LOT yesterday, and we talked about my regression, and we talked about how I'm binging, and how it's not healthy. So we compromised that I would have 2 regression days a week, where I can post on forums, RP and stuff during the day after I take care of my adult chores and stuff, look at babyfur art, and so on.

And we came to another agreement. That my hubby would play Daddy for me at night on those two days a week.

He said that as long as he knows that there will be set times and days for regressing and that he can look forward to spending the rest of the time with me as an adult, he feels a lot more able to cope with that.

And last night we gave it a trial run. We started off reading a comic that I like that is AB/DL, and got some ideas from there. I also realized, that there is definitely more of a turn on when my caretaker is my hubby.

After the comic, daddy gave me my paci and we watched Bubble Guppies together. Then he gave me a snack and some stickers to play with until bedtime, and he gave me my bottle and tucked me in.

I felt amazing. I regressed more last night than ever, and he even wants to go out and buy some diapers and supplies today for me, cuz today is my second (and last) regression day this week.

I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words of support and all your help! This does mean that I won't be posting here or on my babyfur skype chats most days, but I think this compromise will work for both of us.
Sounds like a really good compromise. I'm glad you found some common ground and can be there for each other.
i am so happy it is working out well for you
Communication, an open-mind, and the willingness to try something different. That's all we need in society, and of course relationships.

It sounds like you a struck a balance with you needs and your husband's.

Have fun.
That is very good news.

It is also a good model to show everyone that we are a support group and with a constructive open Dialog the outcome was a communication triumph for all that where involved.

Good for you guys.

Awesome, this sounds like a really good compromise for both of you.
That's good to hear that everything is going better for you now. Communication is key in these situations.
Congratulations and kudos to you for posting the problem and internalizing the advise. As long as you can go without the other days and not feel bad, you've got a good compromise which sounds like it should work well for the both of you.
Awww :) I am so glad to hear that both of you are wrking through this and are finding a happy place with it all!
Sounds like a good compromise to me!

I'm glad the two of you worked things out. Excellent compromises are the shining light after any conflict, big or small. I'm sure that tackling a problem with such a good solution brought the two of you much closer. Anyways, I wish you the best luck in your relationship,
Glad to see you guys came to a fair compromise! :D
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