Had A Rare AB Dream Last Night

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Haven't had an AB-related dream in quite awhile. Must have been all the stroller talk on here that put me in a frame of mind to have one. Of course, as with most dreams, some parts just don't make any logical sense.

OK, in it I was at a nice restaurant with my wife and we were waiting in a lobby area until a table was ready. The available seating was taken but there were a few strollers lined up against one wall. Getting tired of standing, I went over and got in one of them, sat back, and took a load off. To my surprise, my wife came over and climbed in too, sitting on my lap and laying back on my shoulder. I thought, "now this is really nice!" :) I did worry about the stroller breaking under the weight of both of us in the seat, but it didn't. Then, someone else decided to do the same by getting in another stroller beside us. They weren't so fortunate and broke a wheel assembly on it. Somehow the person knew I collected strollers and asked if I could fix it. It was a plastic part, and I told them I could, but would have to take it home to work on it. Our table was finally ready and we got out of the stroller to be seated in the dining area, and that was the end of the dream. I saw the name on the stroller we were in, but forgot it when I woke up this morning. It was a colorful pattern on the seat fabric. Enjoyable dream!

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