had a close call today.

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I came back to my apartment to take summer classes and thought I'd have the whole place to myself so I was just making breakfast in a t-shirt and diaper. Out of nowhere one of my room mates barges in with me wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper. Luckily I thought fast and quickly excused myself to put pants leaving before he got a good look at me. When I came back with pants I apologized for him having to see my "tidey whities" and told him I thought I had the place to myself. As far as I know he bought it or didn't notice in the first place as he just went right on talking about this cool tequila he bought without even skipping a beat. Just thought it was something worth sharing and pointing out how people can be really really really oblivious to what's going on around them.
I think that's pretty smart to realize that not everyone is going to immediately see diapers for what they are. They're way outside of what is expected, so unless it's very obvious, the uninitiated will likely make different associations. Glad you were able to keep your head and avoid having to spill when you weren't inclined.
That's like a super scary close call! I don't really know what I would've done in that situation given that I'm usually a big Klutz I'd probably fail at life and fall over or something good on ya for thinking on your feet.
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