Gym Diaper update


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I couldn't find my old post

So I was trying to find a diaper for the gym and have 2 different combos that work. So mainly found of what I tried the Seni Super Plus to be great and if a longer workout or mix I have tred a few pads but for the money I found Luvs Sz7 to be great and for my situation they actually hold a fair amount but I can put one in and easily take it out and just use the diaper or replace it. Like to save time I will put gym clothes on at home put Seni Super Plus on with the Size 7 diaper up front usually by time I get to the gym I remove the sz7 diaper and workout before I would go in street clothes sometimes though like 50% or less wet the L4 Abena rarely didn't need changing but hate working out and having to stop so felt like I was wasting it. I could probably get away with a Super but like having extra padding & on avg when I am changing it's 75% wet or more depending on intake. Also note I do wear a sleeveless onesie to help hide them and also found the sz 7 diapers help when using any of the water stuff like hot tub I will usually tuck in-between swim diapers and swim shorts and have been able to take out before getting in but always super nervous about peeing before I get in the water(or wet) and daytime fecal ic isn't usually an issue but I don't want to be that person that gets a pool shut down they are costly for disposable ones and do like reusable ones better but same time if an accident were to happen I rather toss it. Also I bought black and dark color underpads that are washable that help with leaks when going to the pool but also protects my chair after I get out(I really like the black ones b/c my cushion and back rest are both black though no one ever said anything about it I felt awkward with a bright white pads on my chair while I was in the water and I do have other pads sized for my cushion that doesn't scream incont pads)

But I tried many mid grade medical diapers as I wanted something for 2-4hours & discreet because sweats and gym clothes don't hide diapers well.
Tena-slip maxi fantastic diaper just to much for my needs, Super's stretchy and normal tabs it worked ok but for money what I got is better also didn't like no inner leg guards also the stretch tabs though easier didn't seem to be as secured like it had gaps again w/o leg guards it concerned me.
Tranquility- though basically the same tried ATN & Smartcore and found changing often & sometimes before needed but felt squishy to touch. But still a solid home day choice it might be mental but I did feel more protected in the ATN vs Smartcore
Abena L4-daily is plastic backed think I sweated more than it was really wet but overkill and the breathable tabs sucked

I think if your going to the gym like any new diaper or setup try stuff at home but biggest reason I wanted slim is discretion as gym clothes even sweats don't hide diapers well. Not sure if the size 7's will be a permanent thing but the cost of them compared to a shaped pad is lower and they absorb quite a bit I was actually shocked my only gripe is I couldn't find small packs like every other size had smaller packs think it was Walmart only had packs of 50+ but was like $0.32 per and shaped pads were $0.45 per also 7's easier to get.