Guide to hiding mIRC from parents and others

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Repost of what i had posted in the old non-deleted forums figured people might like it here...

Ok folks this is my quick guide to securing mirc from parents, friends, curious people, etc.

NOTE:If your parents use monitering programs like netnanny or some others they will record irc traffic... all of this stuff will not hide it from a program like that. This guide assumes that your parents are not suspicious and is only meant to keep them from accidentaly discovering the stuff. If software like this is used then things like a live linux distro may be needed... even then you gotta watch out for router level tracking and stuff... so basically this guide assumes that people are not going to be looking too carefully... if you want to try things like live linux distros that will get by any monitering software ask in the forum thats beyond my knowledge...

Ok first thing to do is to set a password for mirc to start.

Ok press that ALT key and O (ALT+O) at the same time this will open up mirc's options.
You have probably been here to set up what server you wanted it to go to ( and stuff.
Ok now scroll the bar that you see next to the left window (the one with all the + and - buttons in it and scroll all the way down.)
Click the + next to the "other" expanding that one. Then click "Lock" showing it in the window to the right.
Check the box under "Ask for password" and the one next to "hide tray menu window list when locked"
Then click the box on the right bottom of that window. It's called "Lock". Set a password that you will remember, but will not be easily guessed by others.

Ok now you've got mirc locked so someone will have to enter a password each time it starts. But what to do if you have to leave your computer for a bit where others may use it or see it, but don't want to have to be able to open/view it or even have obvious signs that it is open. We will also get rid of that pesky text in the start bar so that nothing incriminating can appear there even when it is maximized or you just click another window without minimizing it and it still apears in the start bar.

Ok do the ALT+O if you haven't left the window open.
Click the + next to "Display". It is right above the "other" that we were just using.
Now type something in the text bar underneath "Show in mirc Titlebar" I just use "-------------------------------------".
This makes sure that nothing incriminating apears in the start menu as it is long enough that it will stop it from displaying the channell name or anything else possibly embarassing.
Now in the same window click the button in the bottom right labled "Tray..."
Check "Place mIRC in tray when minimized".
I also like to check "animate icon when there is activity" and "Always show mIRC icon in Tray" though these options are not neccessary for security.
You can also make it not show the text in the bar by simply not maximizing any channel windows and it will just show mirc there, but i think doing the above is better as it is easier to read if they're maximized and you can easily forget to not maximize the windows.

Ok now if your just leaving the computer for a few minutes and want to leave mirc open yet secure hold the control key and hit the minimize button. This will make it ask for the password before maximizing just like what it will now do when mirc is started. (note: is not 100% secure. People can still right click on it in the taskbar and see the servers you are on though channels will not show, but some servers can be incriminating in of themselves... I suggest doing the ctrl+minimize and right clicking on the icon yourself to see exactly what shows. If someone else is going to be using the computer for an extended period of time and would have time to mess with it you should close the program entirely as there may be ways to circumvent it/ they're more likely to notice and wonder what it is.

Now for a final check to make sure no logs of everything said in the channels you have joined exist.
ALT+O again
CLick the + next to "IRC" and click on "Logging". Click "view logs" in the upper right hand corner. There should be nothing there.
Below is only neccesary if you found files there and are worried about them being there.

If there is and the computer is shared with someone and there is a possibility these might be found by someone (they are stored as regular text files on the computer... it's unlikely anyone would find them, but is possible if they know what mirc is they could go looking for log files) you should delete them and make sure "automatically log" is set to none. Also right click on the channel name of each channel you join... this is in the main irc window not the alt+o window. Go down to logging and make sure that "off " is checked.

If you need help with any of this stuff or mirc in general feel free to ask for help in the irc channel or in these forums if you haven't sucessfully gotten to the chanell. (I'm typing this very late and will fix typos etc another time)

C 2008 Ben - Please ask me before distributing this guide.


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Thank you for this. Did you upload it to the wiki in the end?
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