Guide: How to make The best of Store bought diapers

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I recently went to the store to get some depends, and after using them for a couple days I noticed some things. I thought I would post some tips that I found helpful.

From what I've heard and experienced, depends suck. They are however, available at almost every store (I am referring to fitted maximum protection). At first, for me, they did. I would wear one to bed only to wake up in a puddle of urine. I found though, that it is all in the tapes. The bottom tapes need to be fastened along the elastic leg gathers, so that a snug seal is formed along the legs. This stops most leakage, as this is where leaks most commonly come from. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, just thought I would post it.

The next night, I was able to drink two cans of mountain dew with no problem. I also made a moderately ge bowel movement (not to gross anyone out, sorry), and it kept it concealed quite well. I was quite impressed with the quality of the diaper after retaping it. After drinking a glass of water however, the diaper finally leaked along the legs. Perhaps refastening the tapes may have helped.

As a guide for buying, I reccomend getting a size above what you would normaly wear. I ve a 32-33 inch waist, and I bought the size large depends. The tapes had to come pretty far to the front, but it worked. I also like the higher rise of the larger diapers in the front and back, makes me feel much more secure:smile:. Another added benefit is more absorbancy.

As another way to make store bought diapers better, I found a way to make makeshift diaper doublers. It involves the use of feminine pads. Hile this may seem odd, they ared of the same material as diaper doublers anyway. It's really hard to find diaper doublers at stores, so this is a good solution.

How to make makeshift diaper doublers:
1.get some overnight feminine pads (thicker=better)
2.unfold one, turn it over to the adhesive side. Take a razor or any type of blade and cut slits in it.
3.Remove adhesive strip
4.Place in diaper for more thickness and protection

I found that using these diaper doublers helps a lot, and because feminine pads are easy to obtain, it works quite well.

I'm sorry if something like this has already been posted, just thought I'd post some advice because It's the first time I've worn diapers in about a year.


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I have a 32 or so inch waist and have purchased the Depend in large size on accident once before. While they did seem to hold more they also tended to leak on heavy wettings due to the fact that the leg gatherers weren't pulled tightly enough against my legs.
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