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Guess it's about time :P

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Story time!

Well I joined 2 years ago right before I went to Air Force basic BMT and I'm just now getting around introducing myself :p

My name is Kyle, I'm 21, and I am an AB/DL and working out some other titles as well :p

I love green, turtles are the coolest, and my favorite food is pizza :) I ride motorcycles, play guitar, and swear at 10 year old's on BF4 for PC :) If you want to know more about my interests, let me know :)

And now a bit of backstory because I am bored :p

I was told a couple of years ago that it was tough getting me out of diapers; I always had an affinity towards them. At one point I actually got my mom to buy diapers for me so I could practice on my stuffed animals (lol little me trolled you mom). I grew up as a diaper lover and never really had access to diapers until 2011 at college. I had been dating my current gf for a few months and she knew right off the bat I found women in diapers adorable and I wanted to diaper her, so I did with some depends. Over the last few years I've gotten jealous of her and eventually told her I wanted to wear with her, so after some initial hesitation (she thought the dynamic would be weird since I was the caretaker), we switched. less than a year ago I realized I have always just been a big baby but having a strict father immediately makes you forget that. So I've now been having my incredible girlfriend (marrying fo shizzles) act as mommy and I love it. I've also decided to work towards a feminine body as I want to be a decent looking trap someday and I'm starting to wonder if I'm a sissy, of want to try LG stuff. But we'll see later :p

All this probably sounds great, but there is a catch.

She's at college :(

For most of our relationship she's been away, but we're extremely tough and know we can make it :) Whenever she visits, we diaper up :)

So here I am, sitting in a girls xl goodnite with my bits tucked, my lion paci in, my unnamed bear, and my Mario blanket, just waiting for something fun to happen :)

I hope you guys grow to like me (I certainly hope so as I've been spamming the hell outta the boards lately :p)! :)
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