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  1. Diaper Lover
First off my name is Chris and I'm DL. Just moved to Montana and just on here to get to know more people who are interested in the same thing. Currently going to college and will be in Montana for the next two years.
Hi Chris! Welcome! I see on your profile you like paintball. I haven't seen too many here with that hobby. How long have you been doing that?
For almost 8 years. I haven't had a chance to recently due to and injury.
That's too bad. Gives you more time to play video games! lol What is your major, if I may ask?
Right now I'm working on Milling and machining
Hi Chris it seems to me you either want to be a millwright of a fabricator. I tried my own hand at welding a few times but was not successful! Umm do you have anymore hobbies? Besides paint ball which is mega fun! And good luck with college.
Pretty much my only other hobbies are Video games which petty much take up all my free time when I'm not in class or have homework to finish up. Also into just plinking targets with firearms.
Nice good to know so would you say you have a small or a big interest in firearms and what would some of your favorites be in semi-auto and full-auto? Just asking.
I couldn't really tell you on big. One of the toys is an m107 though so I do own few firearms. For semi Auto I love my Ar15, Ak, Sub2000 and my Fnx. For full Auto I have only been around a few. Have to say the M4's are not bad but still love shooting the P90 full auto. Your saying good bye to your wallet though in just under a few seconds but it's like shooting a .22 and just love it.
I run a eotech, magpul grip and silencer from time to time depending on what type of shooting I'm doing.
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