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  1. Diaper Lover
Hello! I am a 46 yo male who has just come to terms with the desire for wearing diapers. I have learned a lot by reading posts prior to joining and I am so thankful I am not alone. My wife does not accept the practice, but it helps me relax and provides lots of comfort and security to me. Interestingly, I find that many of you wear for the same reason - WOW - what a great relief to an embarrassed and ashamed grown man. In the end, wearing is what I find enjoyable and I will NOT give in to being bullied by her. I hope to find support and acceptance from those of you having walked this path before me. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give in helping me to continue the process of accepting me for who I am and the role wearing diapers makes in completing my life. I am glad to join you!
Hello QtnPLASTIC and welcome to the group.

The best thing is just keep reading the threads in each forum. I read around 300 in each until I started seeing a reoccurring pattern.
That helped me a lot to gain self acceptance and understanding.

So that we may get to know you better could you please tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interest?

Again welcome to the group.

Howdy and welcome to the site. Don't feel bad. Many of us were / are ashamed about wearing. Over time it gets better, and we're better able to accept ourselves. I've always been really private about all of this stuff. It was just too embarrassing. Only people that knew, were others that I'd gotten to know on this site. But I'm slowly coming out of my shell. I even went to a convention a few months ago (Not an AB/DL convention, but a furry convention. There was a ton of AB / DL / babyfur / diaperfur / cubs there. It was an amazing experience to get to actually meet others. It did wonders for me on opening up.

I'm sorry that your wife isn't very accepting of this stuff. That can make things harder. I wish you the best. Have fun, look around, and jump right on into the forums. We're a pretty friendly bunch.
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