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Hey out there

Greetings from New Zealand - great to find this very active forum. I have been into diapers since I'm 8 or 9 years old (can't remember anymore) and even after now 40 years it's still fun to wear (and use :D) them. I'm more an DL than an AB and wear once or twice the week a diaper.
I immigrated to New Zealand from Germany in 2011 and was astonished about the diaper desert here in New Zealand, so I decided to import and market diapers and plastic pants on my own.
Happy to answer more questions if you are keen to ask me :detective3

Note said:
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One week and 20 posts.
Hi Note, thanks for your feedback - always welcome! What pants did you order? I'm currently looking into getting much more different models - also ones with a much wider crotch for really thick diapers :cool:
I see - well the Suprima pants 1211 and 1214 have both the same cut and out of own experience I know they work well with "one" Molicare Super - but if you like it thicker it won't work anymore as the crotch is just not wide enough. I have our products also on TradeMe and from time to time ABDL related stuff there - will get soon Adult pacifiers from Germany, good quality ones - which I'm going to place on TradeMe.
The problem with sourcing from overseas is indeed transportation and custom. I cannot source a whole container - the market in NZ is just not big enough and air freight is expensive. Moreover when the value exceed $400 custom might intercept the shipping and I have to pay for customs handling a lot of fees + duty. So worst case is that there is no margin at all in the end. I sourced also from China and still have a couple of PVC pants in stock, but the quality is not comparable with decent German producers.
Would be interesting for me to see for what kind of pants your are looking for - perhaps you can post me some links to pictures.
Will see then what I can do.

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one more thought - maybe we should open a new thread for NZ to get more feedback about plastic pant (and other ABDL toys) wishes...
I can't open new threads yet - so would be up to you and I join in... :hug:
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