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Hello all,
I have decided to come out of the lurking shadows and participate. I am an avid firearms enthusiast and builder, I enjoy almost any outdoor activity. And I really enjoy going to hockey games when I get a chance. I will be returning to the US soon and look forward to being home again.

I am a private crossdresser and have only gone out in public on two occasions a long time ago and it was Halloween both times. My spouse is accepting and supporting of my desire to dress so I am very fortunate in that area.

I have recently discovered my interest in diapers and am exploring it. As of now I am not full time and I don't think I ever will but who knows, I also have not tried overnight.

I am pretty much an open book, I will share almost anything but some of my interest and activities are not PG-13 and therefore will not be shared here per the rules

So that's a peek at me *kisses*
Not open for further replies.