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Introductions are a difficult thing as there is little interesting about my present life. Am retired from education and my children are now on their own. I have allowed the little girl within me to come forward. I do so love to be wearing a thick cloth nappy with pretty ruffled baby panties and adorable little girl dresses. Which is not to say I do not wear the disposable variety. When I am not a big boy in diapers I am out cross-dressed wearing diapers.

I do like to do a little baking and some sewing. Also I do spend some time with restoring a muscle car from 1970. However home repairs and yard work take up much of my time. Not to mention a few simple computer games.

I do hope to meet others with similar interests and activities. Thanks to spell check I have expanded upon my writing.
Hello DLGjessica and welcome to the group.

Very nice introduction.

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