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Greetings from Australia.


  1. Diaper Lover
Hello, 22 year old Australian DL here. I haven't got much to say at the moment, but if you want to send me a message, be my guest.
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Welcome to the amazing world of ADISC! A wonderful place as near everyone here is wearing a diaper!
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Hello and welcome aboard!
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Hi! Welcome! Nice avatar:)
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Hi and welcome to Adisc.🙂
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Welcome mate. Feel free to ask questions that you've had!

Out of curiosity what part of Australia?
Adzramous said:
Thank you! I am also a brony
Awesome, me too. I'm in Sydney!~
TomeIkiri said:
Awesome, me too. I'm in Sydney!~
My goodness, an invasion of the Australian ponies :))
A warm and sunny spring welcome from the Netherlands. G'day mate.
Hi Adzramous welcome to ADISC. I have found this site community very friendly place to be with quite a few Australians as well.

For all of my living memory I have always had a love of wearing dresses and using nappies, along with a very strong desire to have been born a girl like my sisters.
I am a submissive asexual, feminine male, in my mid 60s living in Newcastle NSW Australia.
Some of my interests are: science, astronomy, space exploration, history, archeology, volcanism, geology and geography.
Have fun.