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Hello good people of this community!

English isn’t my native language, so I hope you’ll bare with me here…

You can call me Driver…simply because I’m into cars 😊 I’m male and I reside in Europe.

I’ve only recently entered the world of ABDL. I’ve had a few years on the fringe of the BDSM community and I always thought that was what interested me the most. A decade or so back I had a few brushes with ABDL on my own though, but I never quite fell for it.

Then as it happened, a few years back I met my current wonderful girlfriend. I tried to get her into BDSM – she says she found it ”interesting” and that it would be ”fun to try”, but aside from a few odd occassions, we never quite got into it and the whole thing just basically faded away.

However, she has always been sort of speaking in diminuative terms to me, in a fun, well-ment and jokingly sort of manner (never ever condescending). A few months ago, she happened to come across a documentary about ABDL on TV, and I noticed she sort of changed after that. Her ”belittleling” me increased, the jokes were more frequent and more detailed on specific items. For instance she would jokingly say stuff like: ”maybe a pacifier would help you calm down” or ”let me show you how a diaper change is made” in which she would pretend to change my diaper (which I, at the time, wasnt wearing).

In any case…neither of us are getting any younger, and since my wishes of BDSM practise never quite flourished, I thought I’d give the ABDL another visit. So literally a few weeks ago, I started really making jokes back to her to ”try her out” – i.e. I wanted to know if her jokes in fact were hidden desires or just simply jokes, and nothing more. I started taking a teddy bear with me in the sofa for movie nights for instance, wear a ”regular” adult sleeper sometimes, all just to see how she’d ract.

She’s not very vocal on her desires and what she wants out of life. If she was, I’d just as her. But as it were, I went the less pragmatic route. I could tell that I got positive reactions so one night I sort of went all in; diapered myself, took teddy, took sleeper and went directly up to her in the couch and snuggled up. It didnt take long before she realised I was diapered. Her first reaction was ”very imaginative!” as she drew me closer to snuggle.

Since then I’ve purchased two pacifiers – one in my favourite colour and one in hers. She likes them and thinks I look adorable :p Now she’ll even bring them to me if we’re in the couch and I look tired and worn.

As I writing this, me and my gf are literally only a few weeks into it. I guess we still have lots to explore before we know where we land with this whole thing.
I know I’m starting to like it lots. I think I even had one of those ”little space” episodes I’ve been reading about. I do wish she was more vocal and upfront with what she wants though. In the end, I know I should be very, very happy that we’ve found ourselves having mutual desires. Coming from the BDSM community, I know how hard it can be to find a partner sharing your wishes and desires (trust me, I tried for years). So again, I count myself really extremely lucky.

I’ll better stop here before this introduction turns into a book 😊 Oh and btw – I love ”Little Lolikat”’s videos on YouTube! They’re great and I always seem to find something new in there! I love the fact that she’s pragmatic, how she dwells into states of mind, touches on relationships, being new to ABDL, talks about experiences and addresses a broad variety of issues and topics, ranging from hands on reviews to more in-depth thoughts. It doesn’t seem sexual at all to her and, granted I have limited experience, that’s the way it feels with me as well. It doesnt feel sexual at all…its more about a state of mind…finding that little space…I guess you could almost say I’m a Little Lolikat fan 😊


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Hello Driver,
Welcome to the group😺


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Hiya Driver, and welcome to the group!

Thanks for sharing your story, and I'm really glad you and your GF have found this common interest. You mentioned that she isn't really very vocal, but have you tried sitting down with her and explicitly saying that you want to discuss it? If you have, then it may seem and obvious thing, but many people find that to be a bit awkward, despite how important it can be!


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Welcome! I'm into cars and reside in Europe too (well, until Brexit, but let's ignore that!)

Which country are you in and what's your favourite car? :biggrin: