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Greetings freedom seekers…


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So happy to find this site!
I am a 57 y.o. Male. Married. VERY happy in my marriage with my wife. We met through an ANR website. We were both seeking love/intimacy/sexuality through ABR (adult breastfeeding relationship) . Our match was from heaven….. we married and are still very “love-struck”.
we have had an incredible sex life with eachother. But……
nature had come to me in the form of prostrate cancer. The result was that I had permanently lost control of my libido, AKA, I have perminent E.D..
My attitude about this might surprise you. To me, this is just a part of life, a part of my human experience. Don’t get me wrong though, I do miss my (sexual) masculinity, yet I am strong and accepting of my condition.
You see….. I am very aware of both, my masculine AND feminine sides.
Anyway, although I am unable to “peniterate” we are still very loving/intimate. ALSO, as a result of this, our focus in bed has been our “intimate suckling”.
SHE is beautiful. She has breasts that are very large, full, firm, nipples that were made to suckle. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with excitement.
My wife is 45. Beautifully large. And unable to conceive. I believe that this fact also “assists” in our intimate/sexual relationship.

so…….. I suckle (with tremendous satisfaction) !
Dry suckling. She wants SOOOO bad to “feed” me, as I want SOOOO bad to be FED. ( This is the BABY part of me).

I would welcome any encouragement or advice ……

Stay strong in your conviction!



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No it’s not a dynamic in my marriage but I was more referring to your ability to pivot given the hand you’re dealt. Sounds like you have a great relationship. Kudos.


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Welcome to ADISC milkforlove glad you posted an introduction.
In the journey of life we all have to deal with the circumstances we have been dealt with. I admire your positive attitude to your situation and as we know, it is a wonderful gift from above, to have a loving accepting partner to share in all the good (and not so good) times.
I wish both of you the very best of futures.
As for me, I am a male in my mid 60s living in Newcastle NSW Australia.
Some of my interests are: science, space exploration, astronomy, history, archeology, volcanism, geology and geography.
I also try to learn a little French now and then, (even helps with the English).
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Erm so are you bringing nappies (diapers) into your lifestyle?
I'm going to say it seems wet-nursing isn't part of the Adult Baby set-up or relationship, more work and commitment has to be put in to become a partner who can provide milk ...again this is my opinion but it seems a shared thought is if a pleasure-wear padded person has a woman who changes all their nappies (ALL of them) then wet-nursing doesn't need to be included.
We all wave hello to the ANR crowd but currently no part of this site focuses on wet-nursing. In ABDL there are Littles and they can be much like toddlers (by that I mean) ...they often wear pull-ups and don't use much. Whilst you are babyish it'd be a shame if you couldn't join in some conversations
...and there's always something to say about nappies!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to this site.
PP (and more)