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Greetings everyone!


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I'm not new around here but I had to make a new account because I no longer have access to the email I made my old account with. It is good to be back after so long!

My name is Finn and I am currently 20. I am currently a student and in my free time I like to repair and sell video game consoles. I also love motorcycle riding!

Now let's get into the real focus here: Diapers. Diapers have interested me my whole life. Ironically, I potty trained myself at a very young age. I was taken out of diapers by my parents but I would often go to my neighbors house and wear their diapers. This aspect of my life continued for many many years. I would find diapers were ever I possibly could.

In 2017, I tried an ABDL diaper for the very first time but that would be the last time for a while. It wasn't until 2019 when I would start ordering and wearing ABDL diapers often. Fast forward to now and I wear very very often and I am a much happier person for it.

Wearing diapers brings me a sense of comfort and safety that I have always found difficult to express in words. They just make me feel happy and content with life. When I'm not wearing them the world feels dark and cramped but when I wear them everything feels right.

I am happy to return to this community of like minded individuals and I look forward to getting to know more of you.
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Welcome! congratulations for embracing yourself and giving yourself permission to be happy
welcome from the Netherlands
Be grateful diapers bring you so much joy! They're a simple, harmless thing and that's the way things ought to be :) I also like to repair consoles (and other tech), as well as getting out for a ride in the countryside :D I wonder what bike you're riding, and what your favorite diaper is :p
Hello and welcome back!
Hi and welcome back to the group!.😃
NewLeaf said:
I wonder what bike you're riding, and what your favorite diaper is
I ride a Honda Rebel 500. It's not a big bike but it has plenty of power for how I ride. I have done lots of modification to it to make it just right for me and that's what I like about it there's so many options for accessories and modifications.

My favorite diaper is the Northshore Megamax. I wear one to bed nearly every night.