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Greetings and salutations !! ( yes,, i used a spell check on that one ;)


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Ive been with the ADISC for a bit,, and think its about time I stepped up and wrote something :)

Im john. (..really :)
Ive been an AB ( and part time DL ) acting like an adult for decades. Its a tough job (acting like an adult, )
but some one has to do it. ( just put on extra protection, it gets rough.. )
Im not an exhibitionist, and have been successful thus far in keeping my real identity from the judgmental eyes of
society. Yes,, I do like to believe that all the big cases of "cleaning supplies" that get delivered frequently to my house
go unnoticed and unquestioned by the mail carrier, and neighbors... hmmm.
My wife ( of many happy years.. ) knew about my true self from day one. She does not participate, and if given the
choice of having a husband that runs around the house in diapers or not,, it would be simple. But we have a real relationship. She
allows the better side of who I am to run free. I in turn make sure that it does not out of hand ( no crayons on the walls.. thats bad :(
and as often as possible, I let her know that I love her all the more because .
My little side,,
WELL.... Its me,, and I am it. ...wait,, that made no sense at all.
Im a AB. ,, age,, old enough to program a VCR,, and too young to potty train.
I like to be in the 2.5 to 3.5 year old range,, though I still like my baba better than the sippy cup. ( its yellow :))
I have more little cloths in my closet than the other ones... ( they are cool colors, and fit better. )
Footed sleepers are the best in the winter,, and onsies are great for staying 'tucked it' and generally holding things in place ;)
...though I was told that the Sesame Street themed ones were taboo in town 8(
My stuffies are positioned all around the room, kinda like a support groop,, but softer :) cookie is the leader.
Choices,, disposable over cloth,, though I got a good supply of both. Wetting is a given ( dont like the potty monster.. )
messing is avoided, but sometimes it happens :(
Love to share thoughts and words with like minds,, I dont do media sites (no facebook, or tictoc.. ) but
still enjoy a good conversation,, followed by milk and cookies :))))

Be well everyone !
and keep the crayons from the wall ( that was really bad ;((
john (J2)

PS: did i mention I love Cookie Monster ?? ( my adult side causes me to forget things.. )
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Great I intro! Welcome to ADISC.


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