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Greeting from the beautiful San Fernando Valley California

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Hello Everyone,

The last time I did any serious searching online for others into ABDL, BDSM, Aol was still being loaded onto computers with 3.5" discs. pretty funny.

The one thing I have noticed is that the ABDL scene and community has EXPLODED. for this I am greatful.

Like many of you I am in search of that babygirl that loves diapers and bondage as much as I do.

Being 46 years old I have scene alot, done alot and I think that I have alot to still offer. I am a self employed small business owner.

Thanks to ADISC.org for having me.
Hello TopDaddy and welcome to the group.
Hiya TopDaddy,
Welcome, hope you like it here and meet some new friends.
3.5" discs lol theres a blast from the past, and yes thanks to the internet the ABDL scene has exploded or more we're emerging from our dark little corners from where we used to hide :)
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Welcome to the family, fellow Angelino!

Hello and welcome to our community.
Everybody's really friendly here.

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