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greeting from Indonesia

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hi! hehe. I am cherry from indonesia. i am an AB and i love wearing diapee. it makes me feel so little. I hope i could find friends from indonesia too here, but i wanna be friend with all people in the world too. :D hehe.
Hi cherrydudud,

I was really surprised to see there as person from Asia joined this site, mainly from Indonesia like you.
hey, I've actually been there, especially in Bali because the task of my counselor job.
I've also done traveling from Bali to Java, I went to a town called Malioboro and there I buy clothes whose named batik, so wonderful to be able to be there.

We can talking much later but not in this greetings section.
you and me can talk a little Indonesian language, you know i little knows Indonesian language.

Because you're Special for me in here,
so, welcome to the group and please pay attention to little law here because if you break, you would be banned.

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