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Greeting and Happy Wednesday!

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I've been here for sometime now. To introduce myself, I'm just your average guy that is moving through life. I've been married for 10 years, have two awesome kids and lots of hobbies. Yes, my wife knows, but does not really participate and out of respect for her, I do not ask. After getting married and prior to kids, I did wear for about 3 months 24/7. My wife didn't mind and I didn't let it effect our relationship in the "normal" ways. My kids are young and will NEVER know about my DL side. I enjoy talking to other like-minded people and I'm not really out to make a bunch of friends. I'd like to be able to learn a little more about how people "end up here" in the AB/DL community and possibly figure out why I ended up here too. I have my ideas, but I'm no doctor, so who's to say I'm right.

Thanks for reading my rambling and take care.
Hello Cole and welcome to the group.

This is a very nice introduction, and I can relate to some of the things that you stated.

I think you are in the absolute right place, and if one takes the time to read back into the different forums there is a lot of information to gain an understanding of the reasons behind Paraphilia Infantilism.

Again welcome to the group.

Hello and welcome. I think we all have asked that question at one time or another. I think I asked it every day to myself when I was a teenager. It was very difficult to accept, but over time, I do. I hope you enjoy the site. A lot of different things get discussed so it's always interesting.
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