Great onesie usable as regular underwear for male DL's

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Always skimming the web for some new stuff where I stumbled on an onesie that really looks manly, so not too babyish. Not to offend anyone, being a DL I thought this might mainly be interesting for the DL's around here. This onesie is a great way to hide your diaper *and* to be able to do a diaper check if you want to :smile1: And it looks pretty manly too.
Just go to (part of and search for the words "mens sexy onesie", then, check for the 2 teens of which the left one is wearing a gray one. Check that one out. I love the legs part to guarantee that the diaper will be completely covered. Also, the legs part will help absorbing small leaks.

I hate to bring our money away to China (again), but with this item there is no other choice :big grin:
Oh, and for the AB's around here: Type in onesie and pokemon: Eat your heart out :smile:


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