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So, as some of you know, I've been seriously contemplating returning to graduate school for a Ph. D. recently. I just took the GRE today for the first time in... 12 years or so. o_O It has changed substantially since then, and is even scored altogether differently.

I registered to take it twice (next time is in another month or so), as I expected I would be rusty. And I was. I did not practice or prepare at all for the test, just went in and gave it my best. The quantitative and verbal reasoning scores are given on the spot, although no corresponding percentile rank can be given until later when more people have taken that particular flavor of the test.

I didn't do poorly, particularly for a first try, and I'm sure I can do better next time around now that I know what to expect (and won't be harried from getting lost trying to find the testing center on time... >.>;; ) and can practice a little. The thing is, I really have no concept of what should be "good enough" to likely open the door to a program with funding (in combination with prior academic records, recommendations, etc, of course). And I'm not sure who to ask about such a thing. What sort of scores or percentile rankings are typical amongst funded STEM Ph. D. students? Anyone have any experience here?

Am I worrying about it too much? My nerves are still shot from the test itself...
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