Got to wear my first real ABDL diaper

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I finally got the courage to get some Bambinos and wow the difference from Tranquility ATN or Molicare Super Plus is amazing. Way better than Depends. Attends, or any store brand and slightly better most quality incontinence diapers. I think I'm going to buy more of these. Maybe some ABU stuff and DC Amor. I might get the deluxe sample pkg from see how that goes. I feel like myself again finally
Congrats! There really is nothing like the feel of a quality abdl product, is there? I think I'll have to try bambinos next.
Congratulations, how did you like the bambinos I have been considering ordering some?
Hi ! I'm also curious how the fit is between the Attends and the Bambinos? The Bambinos are an expensive Diaper so I think it is like a treat to have them. So what do you think?
Nice, :)
I'll be honest they crinkle a lot, they hold hold a lot if you wet them, they are refastenable on the tape, and much more comfy than regular cheap diapers. On a scale of 1-10 1 being the worst and 10 the best... I'll rate them 10. The fit will be better than Attends and worth the money to spend on them, however they are expensive so choose your times to treat yourself wearing one.
I have been wearing Bambino Classico and they are good diapers, but too bad they are expensive. I got them on sale. I am amazed how it still holds wells after I have pooped in it and then peed. No leaks.
Bambinos are nice but expensive. I still consider getting them but wearing reusables at this point, I'd probably only buy in a sample pack and wear them one weekend as a "treat".
$1.60 per is about par for premim diapers by the case, regardless of what brand you opt for. Paying much over that will get you very little additional return, but much lower than that and you WILL be seeing a significant difference in quality.

So if you really want premium diapers, that's what you should expect to be paying, regardless of which diapers you're buying or where you're getting them from.

My personal three picks in this category are Bambino, Confidry, and Xplus.
Premium diapers are the only way to go you need to trust your diaper,to do its job when you leak that way no one sees the stress on your face when you start to pee in public and are wondering if the cheaper diapers are going to leak.
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